You've done it. You have the house. The cars. The toys. The big-screen. But at what cost?

You're working 50 hour weeks. The kids have 3 hours of homework every night. You rarely eat together anymore. You can't remember your last vacation. In a few years the kids will be off to college and your family time is over. Was that it?

Ditching Suburbia is for families choosing to escape traditional suburban lives in search of adventure, travel, service or sustainability.

Our Story

We are the Boyinks, a family of four originally from West Michigan.

In September of 2010 we handed our house keys to a friend. Our family of four climbed into an RV, shifted into 'drive' and didn't come back for a year.

That first year we visited 34 states and 16 National Parks. We stayed in 82 campgrounds. We saw new things. We met new people.

We found a new way of life.

A way of life that frees up our time, our resources, and our hearts. A way of living that allows us to focus on our faith and build new friendships. And a way where we choose how, where, and by whom we live.

We own our days. Not the boss, the school, or the HOA.

Life is either a daring adventure or nothing at all.Hellen Keller

Our Message

We found other families who found similar post-suburban lives. Similar in goals, but different in appearance. They live on boats. They build tiny houses. They ride bikes across continents. They move to big city apartments.

And they do all of this while still working, raising great kids, finding community, and making a difference in the world.

Ditching Suburbia started as an idea for a book to tell our post-suburban story along with theirs.

We want it to be more.

We want to encourage others to free-range their family and develop their own dream. We want to spread the joy of living with less stuff. Of travel. Of finding adventures. Of being that family with the story people want to hear.

Our Plans is ever-evolving. The Blog has over four years of posts from our travels around the USA and we will add to them. We will also start blogging about the foundational aspects of a non-suburban life including homeschooling, homesteading, self-employment and minimalism.

We have formalized requests for 'Ditching Suburbia' type advice into a Coaching service, and have ideas for physical Ditching Suburbia products.

And we're still working on that book.

What now?

There's plenty to read here on Let us help you get started.

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If that isn't enough, you can always browse the Archive. Just be prepared - that's from almost 5 years of blogging.

Still reading? Killer. You're someone we'd like to get to know better. Feel free to Contact Us so we can connect.

Talk soon,

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Michael Boyink

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