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Hi my name is Michael Boyink. I’m the husband and father of the Boyink clan of four. We left a traditional suburban life in 2010 to travel the USA full-time by RV.

Who This Site Is For?

DitchingSuburbia.com is for families who’ve achieved the “American Dream” but found that it’s actually an exhausting, unfulfilling lie.

A true “rat race” where even the winners lose.

Your schedule is dictated by the school system, by the HOA, and by your church. You hardly see your kids. Your days run together and you wonder where the adventure is. 

What Do We Write About?

On DitchingSuburbia.com we write about leaving a suburban life in search of simpler living, closer family, richer education, and uncommon adventure.

Simpler Living

The American Dream as defined by pop culture is an endless treadmill of consumerism. We value experiences over possessions, actively minimize the amount of advertising in our lives, and make space in our days for relationships.

Closer Family

The typical suburban lifestyle keeps families on the run and apart from each other. Families who’ve ditched the suburbs spend more time in close company and build stronger inter-family relationships.

Richer Education

We opted out of the public school system from the beginning - feeling called to educate our two children at home. Ditching the suburbs has enriched that choice, allowing us to learn immersively, on-location and in person. There’s just no substitute for being there.

Uncommon Adventures

Our modern world is full of designed mass-market experiences. True adventure isn’t designed in advance and involves risk. Kids learn and grow best through adventure.

Own Your Days! It’s time for families to regain control of their lives.

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Our Story

Crissa and I married in 1991. We work well together (she is my editor) and are each other’s best friends, but we have also had our share of struggles. 

We settled in my hometown of Holland, Michigan. We had our house in the suburbs. I had a corporate job. Vacation time was more often spent working on the house than recreating. Church commitments often cut into weekends away.

God gradually turned us off that path. First was the call to homeschool our young children. In 2002 the corporate job disappeared in the 9/11 aftermath. We started a business out of our basement. We were called away from the big church. A few years later we started a second business that got us out of the basement and traveling.

We had become location independent but weren’t taking advantage of it. We started dreaming of a family adventure.

Our oldest turned 13. The dream now had an expiration date.

We purged our stuff, found a friend to stay in our house, and hit the road to spend a year traveling the USA by RV.

The year wasn’t enough. We came back and sold the house. We gave away everything that didn’t fit in the RV. We returned to the road fulltime as location-independent tech-nomads.

Kids Jumping Ship

After 5 years together on the road we had our first stop to drop off a passenger. Harrison - now 21 - moved back to our home town of Holland, Michigan. After some time working locally he spent 5 months on a YWAM mission trip in Australia. He plans to start college in West Michigan in the Spring of 2018.

Our second is Miranda. She launched off on her own at 19. She’s also living in the Holland, Michigan area, working full-time while she figures out her future.


With our traveling quartet soon to become a duet we used a truck crisis to fuel change and downsized from our 34’ fifth wheel to a 19’ Class B motorhome / campervan.

Specific Bios

That covers us as a family, but what about each person specifically?  No sweat - we’ve got specific bios:

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