Suburban Life is a Triangle

Adult suburban life is a triangle.

Work. Shop. Sleep.

Americans average 30 miles a day connecting the dots. We drive almost 11K miles each year carrying on a normal life.

Before Cars

Triangle life is relatively new. Before affordable automobiles there were commuter trains.

In the late 1930’s you could get on a commuter train in Washington DC and go to New York City.

At 90 miles per...

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Building Our Own Path

by Macy Miller on March 13, 2017

23 years on this earth and I found myself having achieved everything parents ever hope for their kids. And. I. Was. Miserable!

I graduated college with a masters degree. Married a nice enough guy. Had a big fancy house. A job that I always thought was a far off dream.

The big secret is that all of that usually comes with other stuff too.  Debt to your eyeballs. Miserable commutes. Small...

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Protestant, Catholic, Agnostic, or Atheist?

Minnesotan, Texan, Californian or Michigander?

Dad, Husband, Father, or Son?

Doctor, Writer, Chef, or Builder?

Rubiks Cube

Our identities are a Rubik’s Cube - we spin and turn until coming up with just the right combination.

And just when we think we finally have it right, life grabs the cube and mixes it all up again.

Kids grow up. Jobs...

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Buy Our RV!

Buy Our RV! Our RV is up for sale! It's a 2014 Wildcat 34' Bunkhouse.

Recent tires and house batteries. New curtains. Ikea furniture. Outdoor standup desk. Bitchin' logos and no ugly RV swooshes.

Buy the RV, get the truck for free!

Using Crisis to Fuel Change

When crisis hits, do you take the easy route back to normal? Or use the crisis to justify a new direction?

A couple of years ago, we were in the thick of crises. We had a number of income streams (web development, training, and a book) that were all based around one software package.

The market shifted. Other products entered. The software we used lost market share.

During the first 6...

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Ruined for Suburbia

“You can’t go home again.”

Ever hear that?

It’s from the title of a Thomas Wolfe novel, published posthumously in 1940. It’s the story of a novelist who writes a book and portrays his home town poorly. The people still living there are unhappy with his work to the point of sending death threats.

He can’t go home again.

Behan Gifford and her family sailed out of the Pacific Northwest in...

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