A Smaller Rig, A Bigger Backyard, or a New Mission?

With our oldest off on his own and our youngest now 18, MsBoyink and I are “half-empty nesters” and starting to dream about what’s next.

Over six years ago we looked at our comfortable suburban life and found it lacking. We wanted:

  • Closer family
  • Simpler living
  • Richer education
  • Uncommon adventures

Our kids were 12 and 13. We wanted to achieve those goals while they were still at home...

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The Debt of Stuff

“Your fly is open. Again.”

It was time.

The zipper on my favorite pants had broken and quick re-zips no longer worked.

I loved these pants. Lightweight. Quick dry. Dressy yet comfortable. The basis for my personal uniform.

Best of all?

Purchased second-hand for $5.


One of the reasons I wear a personal uniform is that it makes clothes shopping simple. I just go buy a...

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Not-Boring Nebraska

We finally checked off Nebraska - State #41 for us - and it proved to be not boring at all.

It all actually started in Colorado.

The day we intended to leave Colorado to make the jump into Nebraska began with a knock on the door.

“You know checkout is at 10:00, right? The next people called and will be here soon.”

It was 9:34.

We were mid-breakfast. Mid-route route-plotting. Getting a...

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Ditching Suburbia Manifesto Shirt

Ditching Suburbia Manifesto Shirt Suburbia-ditchers have different values than most people - tell the world what they are:

Simpler Living. Closer Family. Richer Education. Uncommon Adventures.

Styles available: t-Shirts, tank tops, and hoodies.
Colors available: black, navy, gray.

Miranda’s Take on Working at the Ice Cream Shop

For the short time we were in Colorado, I had a weekend job at the ice cream shop.

I liked working at the ice cream shop. It was really the only time I got to interact with the people in our park, and I loved doing that, and they were all quite liberal with tips.

The treats I enjoyed making most were the sundaes. Sundaes were waffle bowls (like a waffle cone but in the shape of a bowl),...

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Miranda’s Take on The Great Sandy Birthday

During the last weekend of July, our very good friends, the Keiters, came to visit us at the Great Sand Dunes. This was the time we were going to celebrate their son’s eighteenth birthday and my eighteenth birthday, even though neither of us would be eighteen yet.

We were at the park a few days before they got there, but when they did arrive, the park seemed so totally different from when...

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When To Jump

DitchingSuburbia.com is about families leaving a traditional suburban life in search of simpler living, closer family, richer education, and uncommon adventures.

Our goal is to tell our story of ditching the suburbs, educate other families on how to do it, and build community between families who are currently “Ditched”.

But what if you:

  • don’t have kids?
  • never actually lived in the...

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