Skills Learned Through WWOOFing: Making Yogurt

Gallons of goat milk every morning.

Some of the goat milk is for drinking. What about the rest of the milk?

The Process

As I mentioned in a previous post, all goat milk is filtered in the dairy kitchen. After filtering we cool the milk intended for drinking.

We didn’t cool the milk that we needed for other goat milk products. To make yogurt, we:

  • Measure and pour the milk into a double...

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Skills Learned Through WWOOFing: Processing Goat Milk

In an earlier post, I took you through the process of milking the goats.

What happens to those beautiful gallons of goat milk?

Into the Kitchen

The goat milk collected in the stainless steel jugs goes into the dairy kitchen.

Here we pour the milk through a filter. After the initial filtering, we transfer the milk to other pans or buckets.

If the milk is for drinking, we pour it into...

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Why Do RV Parks Charge Extra for Kids?

“We started checking out RV park prices and they wanted to charge us $3 a night extra per kid! Why? And do all RV parks do that?”

This comment - or one much like it - rolls across our Facebook feed about once a week.

The extra per-person fee for kids is so common it has a name in the family RV crowd:

Kid Tax.

Some of the kid-tax conversations get quite heated and filled with...

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Ditching Suburbia Logo Shirt

Ditching Suburbia Logo Shirt Proclaim your intentions to the world with a shirt or hoodie featuring our well-loved rocket logo.

Styles available: t-Shirts, tank tops, and hoodies.
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Skills Learned Through WWOOFing: Worming Goats

Stormcat likes to nuzzle her head on my backside when I’m brushing other goats. Cocoa Puff moves her back hoofs close to her front hoofs when milked—making her look like a cocoa puff.  Azalea loves to play with a box.

After milking these gals five days a week for over a month, I’m getting a sense of their unique personalities. Mostly they are easy to work but just have a unique quirk.


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Christmas Gift Ideas for Future RVers

We initially ran this list in 2015, but all of these ideas are still good ones here in 2016.

We weren’t going to jump on the Christmas Bandwagon with gift guides.

But here’s the very real situation as posted by one of our Facebook Group Members.

I’ve got family who really likes to buy us things even if we advise them that we don’t really need anything.  I’m looking for ideas of things...

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Suwannee River State Park

This Woofing experience
I’m learning a lot
But it was time for a break

Suwannee River State Park
only a short drive
packed lunch, donned sneakers and drove

Trees, flowing river and trails
Took deep breath, relaxed
Walked, climbed, picnicked, swung. Recharged.