RV Museum

Free admission and a bus that starred in the movie RV? We’re there!

While in Amarillo every traveling family should stop at the RV museum!



Is a Fifth Wheel Tailgate Worth It?

Those fifth-wheel tailgates are stupid. Why would I give up my workbench, seat, grilling spot, etc.?Me, before getting a fifth wheel tailgate

The RV world is filled with choices that have people (men of a certain age, mostly) gathered around a truck bed, campfire, or Facebook group and arguing over:

  • Gas or diesel?
  • What brand of TP?
  • Keep the gray tank open or closed?

And then there’s...

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Caprock Canyons State Park

We’re almost to the Panhandle - time for another Texas State Park.


Caprock Canyons is located about 100 miles southeast of Amarillo in the town of Quitaque (which even the town website can’t decide how to pronounce - mentioning both “kitty-quay”  and “kit-ta-kway” ).

Located in the Plains region of Texas, the beautiful red caverns are a nice suprise. In addition to the...

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Enchanted Rock

Another stop on our Texas State Park tour - this time to Enchanted Rock.


If you draw a line north from San Antonio and another line west from Austin, then look a little northwest of where they intersect, you’ll find Enchanted Rock. Enchanted Rock is a 425-ft. pink granite monolith rising out of the Texan hillcountry.

Officially a State Natural Area - we’re not sure if we needed...

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We Have a Podcast!

The Ditching Suburbia podcast is now available on iTunes.

We’re happy to announce that you can now subscribe to the Ditching Suburbia podcast on iTunes.

I’ll now make up some questions that haven’t been asked yet so I can answer them.

Why a Podcast?

Well, seems like at the end of each month we have all this unused bandwidth that we just didn’t know what to do with. We thought a podcast...

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