Miranda’s Take on The Great Sandy Birthday

During the last weekend of July, our very good friends, the Keiters, came to visit us at the Great Sand Dunes. This was the time we were going to celebrate their son’s eighteenth birthday and my eighteenth birthday, even though neither of us would be eighteen yet.

We were at the park a few days before they got there, but when they did arrive, the park seemed so totally different from when...

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When To Jump

DitchingSuburbia.com is about families leaving a traditional suburban life in search of simpler living, closer family, richer education, and uncommon adventures.

Our goal is to tell our story of ditching the suburbs, educate other families on how to do it, and build community between families who are currently “Ditched”.

But what if you:

  • don’t have kids?
  • never actually lived in the...

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Huffington Post Feature

Getting the Ditching Suburbia story out to a wider audience.

As we continue to work on Ditching Suburbia we’re trying to extend our reach past the RV world. We’ve written enough about RVing that people are finding us in simple Google searches.

But what about those families that just have that “something isn’t right about this so-called American Dream” stirring but haven’t fleshed out what...

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eBook: Homeschool Legally While You Travel the USA

eBook: Homeschool Legally While You Travel the USA Worried about homeschooling legally while you travel?

The HSLDA says to "follow the laws of any state you are in for more than 30 days". But what do the states say?

We contacted all 50 states, asked them how to homeschool legally while traveling there, and compiled their responses into this 45 page eBook.

Great Sand Dunes National Park

Sometimes Plan B ends up looking pretty good.

We weren’t supposed to be here.

We planned to be in Durango, CO all summer. When we ended our camphosting job early we faced a few scheduling challenges.

One was that most Colorado parks were booked for the summer. We solved that one - for a time - by heading south into New Mexico for a few weeks. It was hot, but we survived by staying in...

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Why We Quit a Camphosting Job

Workcamping (working in exchange for an RV site) can be a great way to lower expenses while traveling. But sometimes the jobs just don’t work out. Our latest didn’t and here’s why.

It sounded idyllic.

Colorado in the summertime.

And not just anywhere in Colorado, but southwest Colorado. Mountains. Streams. Hiking. Gold mining history. Memories of favorite childhood trips.

We accepted a...

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What Happens in Vegas…

Well, nothing really happens in Vegas.

Las Vegas, New Mexico that is.

‘Course, it might have been the fact that we were in New Mexico in July. We ended up at Storrie Lake State Park in Las Vegas, NM for several nights - basically just to kill some time in a cheap campground before heading back into Colorado again.

The park is close to I-25 which runs north from Santa Fe, NM into Colorado...

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