Ute Valley

While I spent time with the Keiters in Colorado, we went hiking/climbing in Ute Valley twice.

There was a trail that led out from the Keiters’ neighborhood into Ute Valley. We took this trail, which led up from the valley to some rocky cliffs where we had lots of fun climbing and trying to convince Joel not to die.

I really liked Ute Valley. It was very picturesque, and we could look down...

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Dropping a Fifth Wheel Trailer

Dropping a 5th wheel RV happens when the trailer isn’t properly secured in the truck-mounted hitch. The RV comes loose and falls on the truck bed, usually damaging the truck’s tailgate and bed rails. It happened to us - here’s how, options we had for repair, and how we came out of it.

How Did This Happen?

In one word; distraction.

The bigger picture is that we were:

  • Hooking up after...

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Getting Rid of Antiques

Old doesn’t always mean valuable. Don’t fall prey to the Trolls and Facebookians who want to guilt-trip you into treating old stuff with extra-special care.

Dad’s Old Phones

While moving out of the house I grew up in, my parents unearthed some antique wooden phones stored in the attic. My dad had purchased them when the local phone company decided to change to more modern cradle type...

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Visiting the Keiters

After the first half of February 13th, where I flew on my own for the first time, I walked out of the tunnel and was attacked by two girls I will always count as my sisters. Kristin and Emily Keiter. I hugged them back and then hugged Joel, whom I will always count as my brother.

In our original plan, we would have waited around in the airport for half an hour for Harrison’s flight to...

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