Suburban Pilgrims: A film for wondering wanderers

“A suburban family leaves everything behind to journey across the U.S. in a small travel trailer seeking a life of adventure & meaning.”

This could be our story.

Actually, it is our story.

But we’re not alone.

There are dozens of families. Maybe hundreds. Possibly thousands.

Families who have realized they were dying from the inside out.

Not from cancer.

From suburbia.

Not Terminal...

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Our Manifesto

We’re not an RVing site, although we talk about RVs.

We’re not a boating site, although we talk about boats.

We’re not a travel site, although we talk a lot about travel.

We’re not a parenting site, although we talk a lot about raising kids.

We’re not a homeschooling site, although we talk about homeschooling.

So just what is Ditching Suburbia all about anyway?

We’re not any of...

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Our Top 10 Travel Challenges from Six Years RVing the USA as a Family

A family of 4 crammed into an RV. With teens. For 6 years. What could happen?

Mostly, as it turns out, an adventure. Make sure you read our top 20 adventures from 6 years on the road.

But, stuff happens.

Things break.

People are people.

And - make no mistake. Ditching the suburbs is entirely changing everything about how you live day to day. There’s excitement in that. But also stress....

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eBook: Homeschool Legally While You Travel the USA

eBook: Homeschool Legally While You Travel the USA Worried about homeschooling legally while you travel?

The HSLDA says to "follow the laws of any state you are in for more than 30 days". But what do the states say?

We contacted all 50 states, asked them how to homeschool legally while traveling there, and compiled their responses into this 45 page eBook.

Our Top 20 Adventures from 6 Years RVing the USA as a Family

6 Years?!?  This week marks six years since we handed our house keys to a friend and hit the road in an RV. For a year.

Yea, about that “for a year” thing.

That was the plan.

Well, kinda.

We suspected we might be gone longer. But we had to put a constraint around the idea - mainly to help ease family concerns and buy stuff. It’s easier to choose an RV “for a year” than “forever”.


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Summer 2016 - Going Back Home

Every year since our first year fulltiming, we’ve returned to Michigan for some portion of the summer and early fall.

This past summer we decided to do something different and camphost in Colorado. When that didn’t work as planned, we opted to keep with the tradition and return to Michigan.

This was not an easy decision. We wanted to see Colorado in the fall. And we wanted to continue...

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30 Minutes Before Buying a Boat…We Find Out We’re Expecting?!?

Buying a house in the suburbs, raising a family in the suburbs then retiring to the suburbs has never been my thing. I have always been drawn to the ocean and fell in love with sailing on my first experience. When my husband and I met, we already shared the same dream, to explore the world by sailing boat.

Living Cheap

We worked hard, rented fairly cheap houses, drove standard cars and...

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