I Hate Running

That title is a bit extreme. I dislike running. I like having run.

I’ve been running for years, on and off. I’ve completed several 5Ks. I get bored running longer than 5K, so that’s my limit.

But I need some form of exercise. I appreciate the simplicity of running, and it can work well with our travel lifestyle.

Recently I had a gap. I hadn’t been running in months. We were new to being...

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Our First RV Rally - Lessons Learned

Is a Rally of RV Families Worth Going To?

New to the road? Or thinking about it? Or have been on the road a while and not met any other traveling families?

Attending a rally might just be what you need.

We attended our first RV family rally last week and lived to tell you about it.

The Road Can Be Lonely

It’s true.

We don’t know for sure how many ditched families are out there. It’s...

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History Isn’t Always Interesting

You’re all hitched up and rolling down the road. Kids in the backseat chattering away. Coffee in the console. A full tank of gas. Oil checked. Tires topped off. Snacks in the cooler. GPS dialed into your next destination.

An hour into your drive a large brown sign looms on the horizon.

Ah - the brown sign. Brown signs point the way to beauty, to vacation destinations, to awesome learning...

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Suburban Sheep Shirt

Suburban Sheep Shirt If you have the same slightly sarcastic sense of humor as we do this may be the shirt for you. This design is both a commentary on suburban living and a declaration of your intent to leave it.

Styles available: t-Shirts,and hoodies.
Colors available: black, royal blue, navy blue.

Scenes From A Laundry Room

We interact with a lot of families while they are shopping for an RV to ditch the suburbs in. For many of these families, having a washer/dryer on board is a “must have”.

Convenient? Sure. Doing laundry at laundromats means bagging up and lugging heavy dirty clothes bags. And keeping a supply of quarters on hand. And killing a couple of hours in a place you’d rather not.

But I’m glad an...

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Is There An App to Find Other Families?

Smartphones. Googlemaps. Location-detection in web browsers. Seems like there should be a technology-based solution to finding other traveling RV families? There have been. They have all failed. Here’s why.

Smart people have been trying to create a technology-based solution for this issue ever since we got on the road in 2010.

Examples include:

  • Shared Private Google Map by...

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Goats, Cattle, Sailors, Purses, Summer Plans

It’s been a winter for introverts and extroverts, with little in-between.

It’s a rainy, windy, stay indoors sort of day - so I thought I’d throw an update on the blog with details about how we’ve been filling our days in this new year.

Goats to Cattle

Just before the holidays we wrapped up our WWOOFing stay at the goat farm. It was a good six weeks and the girls both learned a lot....

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