Beach Vacation in Destin

We try to not repeat experiences, but sometimes they bear repeating.

A Rerun?

We were here about a year and a half ago. We liked the park and beach so much that when our route again took us through this area, MsBoyink checked and got 4 nights at Henderson Beach State Park in Destin, FL.

Just to Look

The first night there we decided just to walk down to look at the beach. We didn’t change....

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What Do Fulltime RV Families Do For Health Insurance?

What do you guys do for health insurance?

Oy, health care.

It was bad enough before Obamacare. It hasn’t gotten any easier after.

You may not want to do it, but.

It’s that time of year to look at your current health insurance policy. Is it going to fit your traveling lifestyle for the upcoming year?

6 Years Ago

After we decided to fulltime RV, I called my insurance agent and told him...

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meori Foldable Boxes

Organize your snacks and table service with this on-the-go foldable box solution from meori.

As fulltime RVers we are on the move a lot. When we are moving the RV we are usually on the road for at least 4 hours a day. Sometimes more.

On adventure/exploration days we are often gone all day.

We get hungry. We get thirsty.

We’re not vacationing. We’re on a budget. We can’t afford to buy...

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Ditching Suburbia Logo Shirt

Ditching Suburbia Logo Shirt Proclaim your intentions to the world with a shirt or hoodie featuring our well-loved rocket logo.

Styles available: t-Shirts, tank tops, and hoodies.
Colors available: black, navy, gray.

WWOOFing for RVers: What Is It? Why Do It? How Do You Find It?

Park your RV on a farm, save money, get sweaty, build community and eat healthy.

What if you could get out of RV parks, campgrounds and Walmart parking lots for a while?

What if you could park your RV on private land?

Land owned by entrepreneurial, self-sufficient, down-to-earth people?

What if you could get your hands dirty around the place, doing maintenance, gardening, repairs, or...

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How To Find Other Fulltime RV Families

Community on the road. Can it happen? Will we find friends for our kids? Is there an app for that?

An RVing mom emailed us this week and asked:

I was hoping you could direct me to a discussion board or somewhere where families state where they will be and able to meet up. I have a 7 and 9 year old that would love to meet some friends on the road.DitchingSuburbia Email Inbox



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Puzzling Together History

A vaguely industrial multi-floor building. Loading docks here, single-story office wings there. A locked up entryway hidden behind overgrown trees, broken branches, knee high weeds, and piles of leaves. A kiln sitting amongst broken appliances line the pavement. Trailers full of tires and trash parked behind tall fences. The dirty outline of where the letters spelling “Hospital” used to be....

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