Pretty Prisons, Golden Handcuffs and Caged Birds

In our travels we are often treated to tours of workplaces. We’ve walked through company kitchens stocked with breakfast cereal and multiple beers on tap. We’ve stepped around dogs resting under desks. We’ve seen rooms dedicated to ping-pong, foosball, and video games.

It doesn’t take much Google-fu to find companies going even further and offering nap rooms, onsite gyms, yoga classes, chef...

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Escape on the Farm!

So today I was out and about, making my rounds with animals, petting a few.

I had just come back out of Dixie’s pen and heard a loud rustling in the bushes. I was up nearby the house, so all the animals and the animal pens were below me. The rustling in the bushes turned out to be Jacob, one of our goats, followed by his son, Max.

They were not supposed to be up by the house. There were...

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Homeschooling Science for Science-Haters

I don’t like science textbooks because they have big words I don’t understand and numbers and letters that don’t correlate in my mind. And I thought science was just mixing vials of liquids and recording the outcome.Miranda, age 17

Pre-travel Science

We’ve been a homeschooling family since the kids were born. My children were in:

  • A science coop when they were young
  • Science classes when...

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The Ditched Life: Getting Real at the End of 2015

If you are considering ditching the suburbs you need a complete picture. It’s always easier to post the highlights, so I wanted to get real this week and talk about both the highs and lows.

The Highs

Let’s start with the good.


We are in Boerne, Texas, parked on the private property of an animal rescue ranch. It’s a workcamping situation - the girls are earning our keep while I...

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Ditch Campgrounds for Better Teen Roadschooling

Campgrounds & National Parks offer awesome roadschooling opportunities for younger kids, but the best learning opportunities for teens are outside of campgrounds.

Campgrounds Are Awesome for Roadschooling Younger Kids

Live where people vacation? Sounds pretty cool!

Campgrounds - especially state and national parks - often have programs and activities designed to appeal to vacationing...

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