Using Reflectix to Keep Your RV Cooler

Triple digit temps in an RV can be a challenge. Using Reflectix can help keep the interior cooler.

New Mexico in July.

This wasn’t in the original plans.

Most of the time we can follow the weather and not stay where it’s too cold or too hot.

But plans are Jello. Ours jiggled in an unexpected way and so here we sit in temps ranging from 95-105.

Single AC

We optioned our trailer with a...

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Animas Forks

I visited Animas Forks years ago on a family trip to Colorado. I wanted the girls to see a classic Colorado Ghost Town as well.

Animas Forks is a mining ghost town about 12 miles outside of Silverton, CO. It’s part of the “Alpine Loop” - a 65 mile route of some of the most beautiful off-roading in the USA.

Our limitation is our truck is 2WD - but I had it on good account that the road to...

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Ditching Suburbia Logo Shirt

Ditching Suburbia Logo Shirt Proclaim your intentions to the world with a shirt or hoodie featuring our well-loved rocket logo.

Styles available: t-Shirts, tank tops, and hoodies.
Colors available: black, navy, gray.

Ouray & Silverton Daytrip

We finally left our campground in Durango and turned right.




There’s so much I could say about this area of Colorado.

Memorable family trips when I was 9 and 13. Another when we had a toddler. A Jeep rollover. A 4th of July Jeep parade with C.W. McCall at the lead saying “We got ourselves a con-voy’ over the CB radio.

This day was mostly a driving tour day....

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Our Smart, Connected, RV Park of the Future

We’ve been on the road for over 5 years and have stayed in hundreds of RV parks. Some have been nice. Some have been dumps. The one thing that none of them have been is innovative.

It’s true. The most innovative things that campgrounds and RV parks offer are wifi and online reservations.

Those stopped being innovative 10 years ago.

IoT Meets RV

I’ve been writing about the Internet of...

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Nomad Family Video Interview

What obstacles did you overcome to get on the road? Why did you choose an RV? What did your friends and family think about the idea?

We don sunglasses and interview like rock stars answering these questions and more in this 15 minute YouTube video.

Well, maybe like road-weary, aging rock stars on a reunion (aka “we’re broke from being rehab again”) tour.

At any rate, thanks to the folks...

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