Las Cruces

We really enjoyed our time in Carlsbad, but when Saturday morning arrived, we were ready to move. The drive between Carlsbad and El Paso, TX was beautiful (Guadalupe Mountains) yet barren—not much sign of human life nor towns with gas stations. We left with a full gas tank, but Mike was sweating it a bit by the time we finally made it to a gas station.

We selected a Passport America park in Las Cruces as our destination. When I called Friday night, the office told me not to worry about reserving a spot—there would be room. Well, I wish he’d consulted the daytime worker, because she had difficulty making room for us for our planned two night stay.

We decided to stay “home” for Saturday evening and to go out for the day on Sunday. Sunday morning the predicted wind gusting started and we decided that it would be better to just stay in for the day rather than take down all of the bikes—while being sandblasted—just to drive a little ways. Our day was filled with working (Mike), playing games, reading, writing stories (the kids), watching a movie,eating, and napping.

An occasional down day is okay, but we’re all chomping at the bit to find a more interesting place to camp for a couple of days. Mike set out this morning to top off the gas tank and have the tires rotated (third time since we left MI) and I’m washing a load of towels (and chatting with a lady wearing a Tigers baseball cap in the laundry room) before we leave.

Sorry we didn’t really get to check you out, Las Cruces. Maybe we’ll take a better look next time we’re this way.

Driving around the Guadalupe Mountains towards El Paso

Driving around the Guadalupe Mountains towards El Paso

Sunset view from our campsite

Sunset view from our campsite

Says it all.

Says it all.

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2 Comments Las Cruces

  1. Picture of michellemichelleFebruary 28, 2011

    We are in Pagosa Springs CO. We flew into Albuquerque. I think it is close to where you are. We a having a fun time skiing. Beautiful day today.

  2. Picture of CrissaCrissaMarch 01, 2011

    I could have met you at the airport in a little more than a 4 hour drive. ;)

    Of course, we’ve already headed a bit further west since this post went live.

    Have a great time skiing.

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