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Requisite Mockup of Unfinished Book

Sell the house. Ebay the car. Craigslist the furniture. Goodwill the clothes. Homeschool the kids. No debt. No schedule. Now what?

Ditching Suburbia is an upcoming book that will introduce you to families who are finding that out. What can family life be like without the constraints of suburbia? Meet families in all stages of this life-changing process - from planning, to doing, to recovering. What's it take? What's it like? Was it worth it?

Meet families who:

Travel Fulltime by RV

Everyone loves a good road trip - get into a fully self-contained RV, hit the road, and don't look back.

Sail the World on a Boat

Life is a beach - put the wind in your sails and head for the sunset.

Bike Across Entire Continents

Take control of the handlebars and find your own direction in the world.

Live in Tiny Houses

If you are fed up with the consumerist lifestyle sell the McMansion and downsize.

Live in the Big City

Want jobs, food, and school all within walking distance? Head back to the city.

If you are in the suburban doldrums and seeking inspiration, motivation, and direction from other families finding lives of adventure and significance outside of the suburbs, Ditching Suburbia is written for you.

Ditching Suburbia is expected to hit the shelves - virtual and physical - in 2017.

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