Work With Us

If you like the groove we lay down here on, consider hiring us to make your business more profitable by improving the content you publish.

See, DitchingSuburbia isn’t just a blog that we keep for the fun of it.

Oh, we love to write about where we travel, educate people on the RV lifestyle, and connect families wanting their way out of the suburbs. That is and will always be the primary reason we do our work here.

Test Mule

But is also our test mule.

We use the site to experiment and improve our skills in:

  • Website performance optimization
  • Search engine optimization
  • Content marketing approaches
  • Online community building
  • Content development (especially of non-written content like podcasts, etc).
  • Website monetization


Each month we track indicators including website traffic, size of our audience in various social channels, subscribers to our mailing list, and dollars earned. Our success varies from month to month but we usually show improvement.

What We Learn

We take what we learn here and apply it to client work we do at Boyink! Content Studio. Industry buzzwords aside, our goal is to earn you more leads, prospects and paying clients by improving the content your business creates.

We’ll work with any business type, but specialize in the IT and RV industries (we just know more about them).

If you’d like to talk more about what a couple of suburbia-ditchers can do to improve the content your business creates, get in touch!

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