Sell your house. Buy an RV. Or a boat. Leave normal behind. Have a family adventure.

Weeks blend together uneventfully. Work is busy. Personal time is rare. The yard needs attention. Hobbies are a memory. You lack time to really bond with those you love. You are exhausted. And, tomorrow will be the same with no end in sight.

That was us

Our life was work, homeschooling and keeping up with the house. Precious spare time was spent on unrewarding projects. We longed to get out and do something fun as a family, but needs overwhelm wants. There were more "have to"s then "get to"s.

Then we discovered our house was worth more than what we owed on it. It was opportunity knocking! We decided it was the moment we've been waiting for to have a family adventure.

We sold our house and in January of 2019, our family of 9 moved into a 5th Wheel RV to travel the country and spend more time together. We visit National Parks, State Parks, quirky roadside attractions, farms, mountains, and coasts.

We found a new way of life that:

  • Frees up our time, our resources, and our hearts.
  • Allows us to focus on our family and spend time enjoying life.
  • Lets us choose how, where, and by whom we live.

We own our days. Not the house, the school, or needless tasks.

There Are Others

We found a tribe of families with similar post-suburban lives. There are actually lots of us. Similar in goals, but different in appearance, methods, and personalities. Some keep to themselves, and some live hyper-socially within the community. We have met so many types.

I read once that there are 6 million people in the US living nomadic post-suburban lives. Post-suburban families live life outside of box. How outside? They live on boats. In RVs. They build tiny houses. They ride bikes across continents. They move to big city apartments.

They do all of this while still working, raising great kids, finding community, and making a difference in the world.

There is so much to offer within this tribe that we have no plans to return to suburbia.

Our Manifesto

Ditching Suburbia helps families find lives outside of the suburbs so they can enjoy simpler living, have a closer family, give their kids a richer education, and find uncommon adventures.

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The Archive has specifics on how to live life on the road:

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Can't wait to share our journey with you,

Matt Best

The Best Family