Sell your house. Buy an RV. Or a boat. Leave normal behind. Have a family adventure.

The new owners of DitchingSuburbia, The Best Family, just ditched suburbia in late January and will soon be adding new content. As we begin our journey, we hope to retain and grow this online space as a resource for those who are interested in leaving suburban life behind. Stay tuned - once our RV is out of boxes (and when we have internet connection) we will share our journey with you.

The Best Family

One work week blends into the next and it feels like you never get a break. You have to justify any time off to your boss. The yard needs attention. You've long ago abandoned hobbies that were meant to bring meaning into your life. There's homeschooling to plan. You entered parenthood 11 years ago but you feel like you still haven't had the needed time to really bond like you always felt you should - and now you are a family of nine. Is this the "good life"?

This has been us

Running a business. Homeschooling our kids. Spare time building 'sweat equity' in our suburban house. Waving at neighbors but not really knowing them.

Then the sweat equity evaporated in a housing bust. Our oldest turned 13. Between homeschooling and an internet-based income we saw an opportunity for a family adventure.

In 2010 we handed our house keys to a friend. Our family of four climbed into an RV, shifted into 'drive' and didn't come back for a year.

We visited 34 states and 16 National Parks. We stayed in 82 campgrounds. We ate new foods. We met new people.

We found a new way of life that:

  • Frees up our time, our resources, and our hearts.
  • Allows us to focus on our faith and build new friendships.
  • Lets us choose how, where, and by whom we live.

We own our days. Not the house, the school, or the HOA.

There Are Others

We found a tribe of families with similar post-suburban lives. Similar in goals, but different in appearance.

They live on boats. They build tiny houses. They ride bikes across continents. They move to big city apartments.

They do all of this while still working, raising great kids, finding community, and making a difference in the world.

We liked this tribe so much we went back, sold our house and ditched suburbia for good.

Our Manifesto

Ditching Suburbia helps families find lives outside of the suburbs so they can enjoy simpler living, have a closer family, give their kids a richer education, and find uncommon adventures.

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You can read more About Us or learn more about life outside the suburbs on our Blog.

The Archive has specifics on how to live life on the road:

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