Michael Boyink

Hi - my name is Mike. Although once people learn my last name (“Boyink” - say it like a sound effect) my first name is usually immaterial.

Who am I?

A Redeemed Man

I’ve professed Christianity since I was nine, but only recently had a powerful encounter with Jesus. He messed me up (in a good way) and I’m still figuring out what it all means.

A Husband

I’ve been married to MsBoyink since 1992 - add that to our 4 years of dating and, well, you can do the math on how long we’ve been together. I consider her my wife, friend, navigator, and co-worker. We’ve always been each other’s best friends and love to work on projects together.

A Father

I am the proud father of Harrison and Miranda.  We’ve always homeschooled them - which along with location independent income sources is what set us up perfectly to become a nomadic family. It’s been a pleasure to bring them into adulthood while traveling fulltime.

A Retired Techie

I spent 22 building stuff on screens - starting with video and TV production then moving to web development. In the Fall of 2018 I retired from that work in order to more clearly seek God’s will for my life. He’s let me know that minstry/leadership is in my future but not quite yet..;)

A Writer

It all started in elementary school when one of my stories earned me entrance to a Young Authors Conference. I have a minor in Writing for Media. I’ve been blogging since 2002. I published a book.

Maybe a Little Nutso?

What kind of man:

  • Spends years building up a comfortable suburban self-employed lifestyle
  • Sells off the family home
  • Gives away most of the our stuff
  • Travels fulltime as a family for 7+ years
  • Closes his lucrative businesses with no idea of what’s next?

I am a man who…

  • ...sought a life of significance for himself and family.
  • ...wanted to provide an awesome childhood and homeschooling experience for his kids.
  • ...realized his life was too comfortable and he wasn’t depending on God enough.
  • ...wanted good stories to tell.
  • ...wanted his family & family life to be about more than ourselves, about more than accumulating the right stuff, and about more than achieving the right numbers on an income statement.
  • ...had forgotten what it was like to dream big.
  • ...no longer wants to spend all day most days staring at screens.
  • ...wants to spend all day most days interacting directly with people.

That’s who.