Michael Boyink

Hi - my name is Mike. Although once people learn my last name (“Boyink” - say it like a sound effect) my first name is usually immaterial.

Who am I?

A Husband

I’ve been married to MsBoyink for over 25 years now - add that to our 4 years of dating and we are approaching 3 decades together. I consider her my wife, friend, navigator, and co-worker. We’ve always been each other’s best friends and love to work on projects together.

A Father

I am the proud father of Harrison and Miranda.  We’ve always homeschooled them - which along with location independent income sources is what set us up perfectly to become a nomadic family. It’s been a pleasure to bring them into adulthood while traveling fulltime.

A Techie

Professionally I’ve always been a techie starting with TV & Video production and then moving into website development.

In 2002 I started Boyink Interactive where I specialize in building high-end client websites on ExpressionEngine, which is a Content Management System (CMS). 

Since 2008 I’ve also run Train-ee.com - which provides books, screencasts, and classroom training around ExpressionEngine.

A Writer

It all started in elementary school when one of my stories earned me entrance to a Young Authors Conference. I have a minor in Writing for Media. I’ve been blogging since 2002. I’ve published one book and am working on another.

In 2015 we decided to leverage my writing and MsBoyink editing skills into a new business direction. We pivoted our web development business into a Content Studio where we create awesome content for the IT and RV industries.

Maybe a Little Nutso?

What kind of man spends years building up a comfortable suburban self-employed lifestyle to provide for his family and then decides to sell off the house, give away most of the family stuff, and hit the road full-time?

I am a man who…

  • ...seeks a life of significance for himself and family.
  • ...wants to provide an awesome childhood and homeschooling experience for his kids.
  • ...realized his life was too comfortable and he wasn’t depending on God enough.
  • ...was tired of being in debt.
  • ...wants good stories to tell.
  • ...wants his family & family life to be about more than ourselves, about more than accumulating the right stuff, and about more than achieving the right numbers on an income statement.
  • ...no longer wants to live according to what the world expects and wants to figure it out for himself.
  • ...had forgotten what it was like to dream big.

That’s who.

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