Crissa Boyink

Years ago I lived a traditional suburban life - the “American Dream.”

I was a:

  • Wife
  • Mother
  • College Graduate
  • Home Owner
  • Church Member
  • 401K Retirement Contributor

And for a few years, I was fine with this pre-scripted life. This “one-size fits all” formula.

Act 1

But it wasn’t long before I discovered that the one-size did not fit me. I read ahead in the script and didn’t like how it ended. I took a closer look at the reality of my roles:

  • Wife. Spending time with my husband for only a few hours each evening and most weekends.
  • Mother. Watching the neighborhood mothers playing taxi-driver getting their kids to school/playdates/practices/games. Dreading the day that I would have to do the same.
  • College Educated. Two degrees and twelve years to pay off the debt from getting them.
  • Home Owner.  Actually a 30-year mortgage owner with little true equity.
  • Church Member. Worship service attendee. Sunday school teacher. MOPS leader. Women’s group leader. Bible study facilitator. All at the same time. Where was Jesus in that?
  • 401K Retirement Contributor: Until 9/11, when the company downsized and Mike lost his corporate job.

I became discontented. And depressed. I wanted to wake up from this American Dream.

Act 2

And I did wake up. It just took several years.

I re-wrote the script. I became:

  • The CFO for Mike’s new business.
  • A teacher for my now homeschooled kids.
  • A Christ-follower after we left the mega-church.
  • A millionaire after we paid off all debt but the mortgage. Okay, not really. But, less in debt.

Act 3

In 2010 we decided to leave suburbia to see what else was out there. What we found was a life that went completely off-script. The perfect fit. A chance to re-define our American Dream. And ourselves.

  • I am still a wife, riding the ups and down of life with my best friend and business partner.
  • I am still a homeschooling mother, although my role has shifted from full-out teacher to facilitator.
  • I’m a self-led learner - now starting (another) business, assisting my children to become adults, redefining who I am.
  • I’m a host - welcoming people into my home with ease, without running around to clean or stressing about what to feed them.
  • I’m a relationship-driven follower of Christ - trading church attendance for seeking Jesus in relationships with people that God brings into my life.
  • A life-long worker with no plans to retire.

Continuing to live my life. Unscripted.

[Calmly, purposefully, and without looking back, makes her way through the house and out the doors.]

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