Harrison Boyink

Hello! *insert drum roll* I am Harrison Boyink, a music-obsessed 19-year-old. Specifically, obsessed with contemporary A Cappella music. My goal is to become both a vocal percussionist in a professional A Cappella group and a music producer/engineer.

When we left in 2010, I was 13 and loved the idea of traveling. Since then, I’ve gone through peaks and valleys of whether I loved it or hated it. If we were in a place I loved (the Florida Keys, the greater Phoenix, Arizona area, or Cooperstown, New York, for instance), I couldn’t imagine anything different. If we were in a place I loathed (I can’t remember any - must’ve blocked them out), I hated it. More often than not, though, I found myself more on the enjoyment side than the hating side.

In October of 2015 I left the traveling Boyink RV and moved out on my own. I took a fulltime job back in our hometown of Holland, MI and plan to work while I figure out my future. I rented a room from a family who lives back in…you guessed it…suburbia. I’m getting involved in some local church activities and am making friends locally.

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