How Do Traveling Families Handle Braces?


Braces are a topic that comes up on all of the traveling family-related facebook groups.

They are one of the most difficult issues to plan for, but traveling families are tenacious. They find a way.

Our Story

When we started our travels in the fall of 2010, our kids were 12 and 13. Both had braces. We returned to Michigan for an 8 week tune-up. During our Christmas break in...

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Video: RVing Planet Interview

You’re living in a van? Why?

If you are curious to why a family comfortable in their larger RV would decide to purposefully cram themselves in a 19’ campervan, take a listen to this interview I did with Kevin Wallenbeck of RVingPlanet.

I’ll embed the interview here for your convenience, but be sure to check out - especially if you are in the market for a new RV.


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Ditching Suburbia Logo Shirt

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Vanlife, 5 Weeks In

So what’s vanlife really like? Here’s our update 5 weeks in.

I had to go back and count the weeks it had been since we sold our 5th wheel and moved into Sally, our 1995 Pleasure-Way Class B motorhome, aka a campervan.

5 weeks.

On the one hand, I was surprised it was only 5 weeks. We’ve done so much in that time.

1500 Miles

The day we sold the RV we began driving back to the midwest. The...

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Organizing the Class B: Charging Center

Laptops. Tablets. Phones. Bluetooth speakers. Mifi devices.

So much technology that enables this digital nomad lifestyle.

Every screen has a battery. And a charging cable. And our Pleasure-Way Class B motorhome has but three power outlets available on the inside.

Here’s how we found sanity when it came to having a place to both store and charge all the devices.

Convert Space


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