111 Days of Michigan

This is our last night in Michigan - we pull out tomorrow heading south. Our sights are set on the Cincinnati for a visit to the Creation Museum with our traveling friends the Keiters.

MsBoyink and the kids are visiting family one last time, and I’m here feeling conflicted.

On the One Hand

I so want to move - I just did the math and we have been in West Michigan for 111 days - almost 4 months. During that time we have only been in 4 different sites.

Those 111 days have been mostly a blur of projects, classes, visits, appointments, schedules, purchases and a house-move. We have been feeling like we never really escaped suburbia with its inherent busy-ness.

Since this area is home it’s hard to feel exploratory - I know we’ve gotten too sedentary when I haven’t pulled out my “big camera” for weeks.

On the Other Hand

There is apprehension. Do we remember how to do this? What did we plan for travel food again? Will the new trailer hold together? Will the old truck? 

We seem to be proving the laws of physics over and over:

Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and objects at rest tend to stay at rest.

We have been at rest for some time, and getting moving again is feeling like getting up out of that comfy chair you’ve been sitting in for a long gray day.

We have been in this place before - earlier this year we got moving again after nearly six months in the Phoenix area. But that wasn’t at home, and this stay has felt much longer and less exciting.

We’re finding pace to be one of the biggest challenges in this mobile lifestyle.

How Fast to Go?

The first year (which we think of as Phase 1) - during which we thought it was only going to be a year - we moved fast. Gotta see it all. 3-4 days in one place? Enough! Time to move down the road. What’s next?!

The post-house phase (our Phase 2) was…mixed.

We had the long winter in one place and then once we got moving again probably over-did it a bit in reaction, and then did an all-at-once cross country drive back home for various reasons that made sense at the time.

This next phase (Phase 3) we hope to dial in the pace a bit better. We think that 6-8 weeks in one place (that isn’t West Michigan) is probably enough. Long enough to get to know people better and find more volunteer opportunities etc, but not so long that you start “not seeing” things out of familiarity.

We plan to be in Texas for some/most of the winter but aren’t quite sure how soon we’ll get there. Some of our pace will probably be determined by the weather - our fall started out glorious this year but turned on a dime a couple weeks ago and we’ve had mostly gray, cold and rain since.

There have been days - like today - where I have hardly set foot outside the trailer. We need sun, warmth and outdoor time again and it remains to be be seen how quickly and how far south we need to go to find it.

Time to move!

Photos are from a photography class I took while here in Michigan - I wanted to learn how to shoot the “big camera” on manual.

Whatchu looking at?

Whatchu looking at?

Pregnant with anticipation of a drip

Pregnant with anticipation of a drip

Fall color of a different sort

Fall color of a different sort

An apple in the morning dew

An apple in the morning dew

8 Comments 111 Days of Michigan

  1. Picture of Euan Euan November 04, 2013

    Nice pictures. I’ve done a few courses recently on shooting in manual and haven’t looked back since.

  2. Picture of Boyink Boyink November 04, 2013

    Thanks Euan - I’ve been putting of learning to go manual for some time. Recently I was thinking about spending money on a new camera but decided the money would be better spent on some training.

  3. Picture of Euan Euan November 04, 2013

    You’re probably wise to get some training so you understand the main settings on what you need to change when. The majority of my photography I have the ISO at 200 and white balance is always on auto leaving me with only shutterspeed and the aperture to change.

    What camera do you use? Instead of buying a new camera you might find you’re better off spending the money on better lenses.

  4. Picture of Boyink Boyink November 04, 2013

    It’s a Nikon D40 and I have the kit lens and a telephoto.

    I’ve looked at other lenses but just couldn’t bring myself to spend the $ on an older camera when what I really want is something newer/smaller.

  5. Picture of Euan Euan November 04, 2013

    I recently upgrade from the very old Nikon D70s to the D7000 which I picked up a very reduced price following the release of the D7100.

    The beauty of SLRs is the ability to use the same lenses on different cameras.

    I have now bought good quality (not top of the range) lenses for what I really want - 10-20mm for landscapes and a 17-50mm (f2.8). I find these cover me for most of what I need to photograph and I notice a difference in the picture quality.

    I also have a 35mm and an 18-200mm for other instances (and the better half uses the zoom on her SLR).

  6. Picture of Boyink Boyink November 04, 2013

    I understand the interchangeability, but in looking around (and maybe I didn’t understand it fully) there were auto-focusing differences etc in the Nikon line that prevented a one-size-fits all approach to buying lenses.

    I was also eyeing the fuji F100 - the SLR just gets too bulky for longer hikes and I’d love a smaller camera.

  7. Picture of Chad Chad November 08, 2013

    I’d been meaning to get over to Dutch Treat when you were there, but, once again, it didn’t happen. It would be cool to see the “Boyink Mobile Lifesyle Machine” in action.

    Have a great winter. Regarding your recent post on Facebook. The links and updates on Facebook are the primary way I stay abreast of what’s happening with you guys. I think I’d miss it if you stopped posting, though I probably just add your blog to Feedly and stay up to date that way. Oh, and Twitter. I follow you there, too.

    Take care, Mike.

  8. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink November 08, 2013

    Thanks Chad - sorry we missed you!

    I see a lot of referrers from FB here on the blog - so it’s probably a good idea to keep it.

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