Is There An App to Find Other Families?

Smartphones. Googlemaps. Location-detection in web browsers. Seems like there should be a technology-based solution to finding other traveling RV families? There have been. They have all failed. Here’s why.

Smart people have been trying to create a technology-based solution for this issue ever since we got on the road in 2010.

Examples include:

  • Shared Private Google Map by...

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Goats, Cattle, Sailors, Purses, Summer Plans

It’s been a winter for introverts and extroverts, with little in-between.

It’s a rainy, windy, stay indoors sort of day - so I thought I’d throw an update on the blog with details about how we’ve been filling our days in this new year.

Goats to Cattle

Just before the holidays we wrapped up our WWOOFing stay at the goat farm. It was a good six weeks and the girls both learned a lot....

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How To Not Miss Out On Anything While Traveling

I took a risk with the title of this post. It’s almost clickbait. Let me set your expectations now—it’s impossible to see it all. Do it all. Experience it all. But we found a change of mindset helpful to prevent angst over “missing out”.

Our First Year

We were probably like most families fresh to the road.

We had big expectations.

Along with us in the RV was a wall map we had kept pinned...

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Buy Our RV!

Buy Our RV! Our RV is up for sale! It's a 2014 Wildcat 34' Bunkhouse.

Recent tires and house batteries. New curtains. Ikea furniture. Outdoor standup desk. Bitchin' logos and no ugly RV swooshes.

Buy the RV, get the truck for free!

New Feature on Ditching Suburbia: Where To Go Map

How do you find those little-known, cool, out-of-the-way places that don’t break the bank? Now you can use the DitchingSuburbia Where To Go Map.

Ditched families have different goals for travel than most people. We can’t afford to go to every attraction that charges an entrance fee. We dislike touristy areas that put up a false front. We want to experience local culture. We delight in the...

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WWOOFing: Goat Farm Wrap-up

We’ve come to the end of our stay on the goat farm. It was an experience full of hard work and lessons learned for all three of us. We worked alongside some interesting people and are leaving the farm with new members of our “tribe.”

My daily schedule

While Miranda worked a full-time WWOOFers schedule (lots of hours, one day off a week), I was able to tailor my schedule (5 mornings a week)....

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Skills Learned Through WWOOFing: Birthing Kids

Twenty years ago this week, Mike and I welcomed our first child into the world.

We did all the things first-time parents do. We announced the upcoming birth to our family and friends. We read What to Expect When You’re Expecting. We attended birthing class.

Sure, there was discomfort along the way. Morning sickness, heartburn, and early morning labor pains. But that was all forgotten when...

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