Choosing Your RV Size - What’s More Important?

“We went shopping RVs over the weekend and fell in love with a 40’ luxury fifth wheel. We would be towing this rig all over the country and living in it fulltime. I’m worried about the cost to pull it and finding campsites for it. Will we ever be able to boondock in such a large rig?”

The question of “how big of an RV should we buy” comes up just about daily. The responses usually include:...

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Handling Naysayers

Be aware of the naysayers.

  • “Your kids need stability. Uprooting them every week is harmful.”
  • “Kids should be in school so they can interact with their peers.”
  • “2 year olds won’t remember the places they visited anyway so why bother?”
  • “Oh, it’s OK for young kids but once they become teens they’ll need to settle down.”
  • “They might know the history of Mt. Rushmore but will they know how to...

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“Unsettled weather.”

During our time in Colorado the forecast kept calling for “unsettled weather”. I’d never heard that forecast in our home state of Michigan.

I had to look it up. says unsettled weather is:

A colloquial term used to describe a condition in the atmosphere conducive to precipitation. This term typically is associated with the passage of surface or upper...

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Ditching Suburbia Sticker

Ditching Suburbia Sticker Sticker up your RV, boat, or water bottle with these Ditching Suburbia stickers from StickerMule.

They're approximately 3" x 3" and made from premium vinyl designed for outdoor use. They can even be run through a dishwasher.

The Story of Sally - Our New Class B Camper Van

After a coast to coast search for a used Class B / Camper Van we succeeded! Meet Sally - our 1995 Pleasure Way SRL.

Fifth Wheel to Class B

For those of you who haven’t been following along with our story, we recently decided to change up our travel mode and downsize from our 34’ Fifth Wheel to a Class B motorhome (aka “camper van”).

We went to California hoping to buy one, but came back...

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A Simpler Life Isn’t Always An Easier Life

Is this your week?

  • The boy has an afterschool ballgame.
  • There is a 7AM meeting with the Chamber Committee.
  • The dry cleaning needs to be picked up.
  • The girl’s orthodontist appointment is this afternooon.
  • The oil change light came on in the car.
  • The bushes out front are looking a bit brown.
  • We have to read that thing before small group tomorrow night.
  • You never called your parents back.


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Ah no.

Look at that dude up ahead.

Going slow.

Holding up traffic.

Must not know where he’s going.

I gotta get back to work.

We’re trying to get home before the show starts.

The coach is probably already talking to the rest of the team.

The meeting starts in 10 minutes and Bob said something last time I rolled in late.

Can’t he go faster? Or pull off? Or something?

OK. Confession...

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