How To Not Miss Out On Anything While Traveling

I took a risk with the title of this post. It’s almost clickbait. Let me set your expectations now—it’s impossible to see it all. Do it all. Experience it all. But we found a change of mindset helpful to prevent angst over “missing out”.

Our First Year

We were probably like most families fresh to the road.

We had big expectations.

Along with us in the RV was a wall map we had kept pinned...

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7:30 wake up, and a broken sprinkler that no one seems to have made a video on how to fix. ‘Merica.”

How do you expect me to make a living for my family if you don’t list our blog on your site?”

For a computer guy you seem pretty helpless.

I have the Allstays app but don’t like using it, so I’m looking for campground recommendations in _______

I made a mistake this week.

I started...

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Lessons for Suburbia Ditchers from the Movie “My Dinner With Andre”

My Dinner With Andre is a 1981 film starring Wallace Shawn (you know him as Fizzini from The Princess Bride) and Andre Gregory. As the title suggests, the film largely consists of the two men sharing a conversation over dinner. It’s a movie for thinkers. A number of the conversation topics struck home for me and are relevant to suburbia ditchers. I’ve pulled some of the conversations out and...

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Ditching Suburbia Manifesto Shirt

Ditching Suburbia Manifesto Shirt Suburbia-ditchers have different values than most people - tell the world what they are:

Simpler Living. Closer Family. Richer Education. Uncommon Adventures.

Styles available: t-Shirts, tank tops, and hoodies.
Colors available: black, navy, gray.

Do You Have Any Regrets About Selling It All To Hit The Road?

Do you have any regrets?

We are often asked this question by families thinking about ditching the suburbs.

We understand the angst behind the question.

That house took months to find and buy. You just got the lawn to where the neighbors aren’t frowning at it. The tidy new garage shelves still smell of fresh-cut lumber.

And that’s just the stuff. What about your family?

Your kids?


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Yes, and…

“Yes, but…”

“Yes, and…”

Two ways to respond. They start the same.

Then one destroys while the other builds.

Do you favor one over the other?

I like to think I use the latter. I’ll often challenge MsBoyink or the kids to see if they can frame an either/or choice into a both/and.

But honestly?

I do a lot of yesbutting.

There’s something about finding a hole in someone’s plan. Finding...

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Christmas Gift Ideas for Future RVers

We initially ran this list in 2015, but all of these ideas are still good ones here in 2017.

We weren’t going to jump on the Christmas Bandwagon with gift guides.

But here’s the very real situation as posted by one of our Facebook Group Members.

I’ve got family who really likes to buy us things even if we advise them that we don’t really need anything.  I’m looking for ideas of things...

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