Organizing the Class B: Produce

It’s a simple question. How do you store fruits and vegetables in an RV so small you hardly have a place to set your coffee cup?

Eating Healthy…?

We never eat as healthy as we’d like. We’re always planning to get better. MsBoyink has blogged through a stretch of creating a capsule kitchen in a tiny home, but we made the tiny home even tinier.

Still, we do usually keep an amount of fresh...

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Video: RVing Planet Interview

You’re living in a van? Why?

If you are curious to why a family comfortable in their larger RV would decide to purposefully cram themselves in a 19’ campervan, take a listen to this interview I did with Kevin Wallenbeck of RVingPlanet.

I’ll embed the interview here for your convenience, but be sure to check out - especially if you are in the market for a new RV.


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eBook: Homeschool Legally While You Travel the USA

eBook: Homeschool Legally While You Travel the USA Worried about homeschooling legally while you travel?

The HSLDA says to "follow the laws of any state you are in for more than 30 days". But what do the states say?

We contacted all 50 states, asked them how to homeschool legally while traveling there, and compiled their responses into this 45 page eBook.

Vanlife, 5 Weeks In

So what’s vanlife really like? Here’s our update 5 weeks in.

I had to go back and count the weeks it had been since we sold our 5th wheel and moved into Sally, our 1995 Pleasure-Way Class B motorhome, aka a campervan.

5 weeks.

On the one hand, I was surprised it was only 5 weeks. We’ve done so much in that time.

1500 Miles

The day we sold the RV we began driving back to the midwest. The...

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Organizing the Class B: Charging Center

Laptops. Tablets. Phones. Bluetooth speakers. Mifi devices.

So much technology that enables this digital nomad lifestyle.

Every screen has a battery. And a charging cable. And our Pleasure-Way Class B motorhome has but three power outlets available on the inside.

Here’s how we found sanity when it came to having a place to both store and charge all the devices.

Convert Space


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Installing Wheel Spacers on a Class B Campervan

White-knuckle barely described it. I was all over the road. Every passing truck pushed me half-way out of my lane. Would I ever dare let MsBoyink take the wheel?

Our first drive in Sally was an eye-opener.

Our truck and fifth wheel was a very stable rig going down the road. Semi trucks would pass us and I’d hardly notice. The stress of driving was more about the length and height than...

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