Think Fulltime RVing Will Bring Meaning To Your Life? You’ll Be Disappointed.

The blog recently posted an article that makes a claim and asks a question:

Americans Are Trying to Escape. But, From What?

In the post the (unnamed) author provides statistics about life in America and how little time we actually get for ourselves. After the statistics, the post provides an answer to the intial question:

Sadly, for many of us we’re trying to get...

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And just like that, it’s fall.

Temps have dropped.

The campground emptied out.

They drained the pool.

The locust-swarms of schooling families have devoured the supply shelves at WalMart.

The cliche is true. Fall is a season of change.

Drastic change.

For some reason, at least here in Michigan, Fall slips into Winter, Winter melts into Spring, and Spring warms into Summer.

But Fall...

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We purged our possessions to pack our life into a van. No more bikes. No more kayaks. No more stepladder. Extra hoses. Step stool. All gone.

Along with 100’s of other things I don’t remember.

Most of it we gave away. We piled it up on a picnic table outside our fifth wheel after we bought the van. A handwritten “FREE” sign attracted people celebrating Easter in the campground.

Some of...

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Suburban Sheep Shirt

Suburban Sheep Shirt If you have the same slightly sarcastic sense of humor as we do this may be the shirt for you. This design is both a commentary on suburban living and a declaration of your intent to leave it.

Styles available: t-Shirts,and hoodies.
Colors available: black, royal blue, navy blue.

Uncommon Adventures

Simpler Living. Closer Family. Richer Education. Uncommon Adventures.

These are the 4 pillars that make up our Ditching Suburbia focus. We touched on our view of these in our Manifesto.

I thought it would be interesting to hear how other Ditchers define them. I reached out to members of our tribe and asked for input.

We’ve already talked about the first three pillars, Simpler Living,...

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11 Travel Blogger Outreach Fails

Blogger Outreach is also known as Influencer Marketing. A blogger outreach program is where a business finds popular bloggers in their industry, and works with them through guests posts, sponsored posts, podcast sponsorships, etc.

Done right?

Businesses can reach very niche audiences in a cost effective manner. Bloggers can (finally) make a bit of money for their efforts. And readers learn...

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Restoring the Paint on a 1995 Pleasure-Way Class B Campervan

So, you’re shopping used Class B campervans and half of the units you find look like molting ducks with the paint coming off. Doesn’t anyone take care of these things?

It wasn’t just campervans. If you watch traffic while driving you’ll see any number of fullsize vans with peeling paint.

No primer, thin paint, bad paint, acid rain, UV damage - there’s no simple easy reason for why the...

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