Ruined for Suburbia

“You can’t go home again.”

Ever hear that?

It’s from the title of a Thomas Wolfe novel, published posthumously in 1940. It’s the story of a novelist who writes a book and portrays his home town poorly. The people still living there are unhappy with his work to the point of sending death threats.

He can’t go home again.

Behan Gifford and her family sailed out of the Pacific Northwest in...

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How Do You Plan Your Route?

Google maps open on the laptop. Atlas laid out on the kitchen table. National Park names swimming before your eyes.

The entire country is literally at your fingertips and your home on wheels is waiting in the driveway.

Now what?

How does your family plan their route? Obviously there are certain “don’t miss” things to see/places to go, but is there a good resource for finding those fun...

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Working Smarter or Working in Bondage?

Burn calories from behind your desk! Ever wish you could condense the hours you spend at work and at your evening gym sessions into one integrated, active lifestyle? Well now you can. Our Office Bike allows you to burn excessive calories, fire up your metabolism and your focus at the same time, to truly get to work behind your desk! - Office Bike

In my travels around the...

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Songs of Suburbia

While listening to a Pandora station the other day, a song came on that brought me back to my childhood. As I thought about the words of the song, I realized it was talking about suburbia.

Later in the day I changed stations and heard another song about the suburbs. Curious, I searched for others.

Little Boxes - Malvina Reynolds

When I was in elementary school, our groovy music teacher...

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We are Michiganders. Michiganders live for their summers. Sunsets over Lake Michigan. Tubing behind boats on inland lakes. Biking on a rails to trails park.

I prefer the Fall. Sipping a hot cup of coffee while driving my old Jeep topless through radiant trees blazing in fall colors? Better than any summer beach day.

How About We Go To…

We come back to Michigan each summer. And each time...

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Can Teens Share a Room?

Another request from our inbox - questions about teen boys and girls sharing a space.

I haven’t seen anything on your site about how a teenage boy and girl have spent years sharing a room. I’d love to hear how it works or even see it as a blog post.

Sticks-n-Bricks Bedrooms

Once upon a time our children each had their own room.  After all - we had a boy and a girl. They needed privacy....

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