11 Travel Blogger Outreach Fails

Blogger Outreach is also known as Influencer Marketing. A blogger outreach program is where a business finds popular bloggers in their industry, and works with them through guests posts, sponsored posts, podcast sponsorships, etc.

Done right?

Businesses can reach very niche audiences in a cost effective manner. Bloggers can (finally) make a bit of money for their efforts. And readers learn...

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Restoring the Paint on a 1995 Pleasure-Way Class B Campervan

So, you’re shopping used Class B campervans and half of the units you find look like molting ducks with the paint coming off. Doesn’t anyone take care of these things?

It wasn’t just campervans. If you watch traffic while driving you’ll see any number of fullsize vans with peeling paint.

No primer, thin paint, bad paint, acid rain, UV damage - there’s no simple easy reason for why the...

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Three Cheap or Free Events to Add To Your Traveling Teen’s Curriculum

Little kids are easy. If the National Park Junior Ranger program doesn’t cut it there’s always the local zoo or children’s museum. What do you do when your 10 year old is suddenly 14 and “too cool to take the Junior Ranger pledge”?

We started traveling with 12 and 13 year olds. We had about 18 months on the road before we got eye rolls from both kids when we suggested another children’s...

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eBook: Homeschool Legally While You Travel the USA

eBook: Homeschool Legally While You Travel the USA Worried about homeschooling legally while you travel?

The HSLDA says to "follow the laws of any state you are in for more than 30 days". But what do the states say?

We contacted all 50 states, asked them how to homeschool legally while traveling there, and compiled their responses into this 45 page eBook.

Richer Education

Simpler Living. Closer Family. Richer Education. Uncommon Adventures.

These are the 4 pillars that make up our Ditching Suburbia focus. We touched on our view of these in our Manifesto.

I thought it would be interesting to hear how other Ditchers and Becoming-Ditchers define them. I reached out to some other suburbia ditching families and asked for input.

We’ve already talked about...

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A Ditched Life and Legacy Premium Meals

When we first started traveling, I wasn’t much of a cook. I shopped the “inside” aisles, where the highly processed meals are shelved. Hamburger Helper. Campbell’s Chunky soup. Great Value frozen meatballs.

Six years later, I don’t mind cooking a full course dinner. There are times, though, when a quick meal would be handy. I don’t want to return to those highly processed meals. I’m wanting...

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Don’t Start a Travel Blog to Make Money

“I want to travel fulltime, so plan to start a blog to make money.”

I always wince when someone writes that.

Two Things

Two things about blogging:

The first is that it’s damn hard to make money at it.

Yea, I know. There are tons of websites and Facebook groups and books and experts that tell you otherwise.

They shill SEO hacks. Secret social media marketing tactics. Facebook groups for...

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