Saying Goodbye To Neighbors

Today we had our 91 year old neighbor over for an informal goodbye dinner.

This is Opal posing with Data and Miranda.

When we moved into our house 14 years ago Opal and her husband Oliver were the first to make contact with us.  We had a bunch of cars in the driveway with lots of loud, young help, and Oliver walked across the street.  I remember him as a man with a demeanor that was easy...

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Less than a Week

We’re down to less than a week left before we’d like to be gone. Last night we started sleeping in the trailer, but overall everything is partly done.  We’re partly moved into the trailer.  We’re partly moved out of the house. Every room either looks like this….

Or is completely emptied out.

Between rainy days and colds/allergies we’re not quite moving at the pace we’d like.  The biggest...

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This Trip Is…

...not a field trip, but we want to be educated.
...not a business trip, but we need to work.
...not a family reunion, but we want to visit friends and family.
...not a vacation, but we want to be re-created.
...not a mission trip, but we want to be missional.

We want to purposefully step out of our comfortable house in a quiet and safe neighborhood in a clean conservative city, shake loose...

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Suburban Sheep Shirt

Suburban Sheep Shirt If you have the same slightly sarcastic sense of humor as we do this may be the shirt for you. This design is both a commentary on suburban living and a declaration of your intent to leave it.

Styles available: t-Shirts,and hoodies.
Colors available: black, royal blue, navy blue.

Trading Spaces Complete

Today we finalized the living area of the trailer, moving in the replacement seating and a new storage cabinet.

Starting Point

Just as a reminder - here is how the living area of the trailer came as-purchased.  This is a very typical arrangement, with both table and couch designed to make down into beds:

Blank Slate

We removed all of it and sold it via Craigslist.  This allowed us to...

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Trading Spaces Begins

The nasty heat and humidity is back for a couple of days here in West Michigan, so we’re trying to split up our days with trailer project work in the early AM, and then moving indoors with business related stuff for the afternoon/early evening. 

Today’s trailer project was to get the existing couch and dinette out of the main living area.

RV furniture isn’t constructed to the same...

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The One Month To Go To-do List

We’re about one month out from our target launch date of September 20th, so I thought I would share our current to-do list.  If you are considering a similar adventure this will give you an idea of what to expect as you come closer to leaving.


  • House, truck and trailer insurance
  • Accountant
  • Orthodontist
  • Post Office - forwarding of mail
  • Haircut for MsBoyink
  • Meetup with MsBoyink’s...

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