Beach Trip & Trailer Extras

At some point the truck and trailer will cease being the focus here - but getting these two together, figuring out the hook and unhook procedure, learning about trailer brakes, and learning how to back up and park a 5th wheeel trailer—these are the items dominating our attention lately so the content here reflects that.

Today we spent a few hours at the local state park which is on Lake...

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First Hookup

We finally put the two big puzzle pieces together on the road this AM.

We just went around the corner to a large parking lot and went through unhooking and hooking up a couple of times. We had trouble getting the sliding hitch to slide but I think we just misunderstood where to put the lever.  Back in the garage with the trailer off I can get the hitch to move easily.

We made a family...

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Ditching Suburbia Manifesto Shirt

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Truck Purchased!

Yesterday we signed the papers to purchase the truck that will be our trusty steed for the next year - a 2002 Chevy 2WD Crew Cab with 8.1L Engine.

Just like researching and choosing the trailer was a puzzle, the truck was as well. 

We had a set budget for something we could buy outright - not wanting to take out another loan.  We knew we needed a crew cab to seat us all comfortably while...

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Trailer Purchased!

Yesterday we made a handshake deal to purchase what will be our home for a year while on this trip: A 2005 Rockwell 30’ Fifth Wheel Trailer.

Choosing and buying an RV can be a confusing and time-intensive process - it certainly was for us.  Between the sheer number of choices in types, manufacturer, new vs. used, and working with different sellers it was a more involved process than buying...

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