We’re Done Owning Music

I bought my first CD around 1986 (Benny Goodman’s Greatest Hits) and got rid of it along with the rest of our collection today.  The racks holding 300 discs just collecting dust in the basement. We gave a bunch to friends, sold some off to the local CD resale shop ($45 worth), and brought the rest to Goodwill.

I had previously ripped all the discs to MP3 and was storing them on our...

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The House

While we are on the road we want someone(s) to live in our house. We are hoping it will be a beneficial situation for both parties. The pluses for us include the yard is kept up, the pipes don’t freeze, and any seeping water can be dealt with before the basement becomes a swimming pool. And, hopefully, the person(s) living here can catch a financial break and/or have some elbow room. It...

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That Giant Sucking Sound

Hear that?  No. Quiet.  Listen.  Kind of behind the hum of the refrigerator and around the neighbor shoveling.  Hear it? 

That’s the sound of stuff—and stress - leaving the house.

Yesterday MsBoyink took the second Roadmaster Station Wagon load of purged stuff to donate to the second-hand store.  Included in the load - besides a fair amount of things “sold back” to us by my 11-yo...

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Ditching Suburbia Sticker

Ditching Suburbia Sticker Sticker up your RV, boat, or water bottle with these Ditching Suburbia stickers from StickerMule.

They're approximately 3" x 3" and made from premium vinyl designed for outdoor use. They can even be run through a dishwasher.

Vehicle Test Fitting Round 2

This week we did find time to do another round of vehicle test-fitting.  We rounded out our experience with crew cab pickups from the Big Three, and tried the “big-daddy” SUV from GM - the Suburban/Tahoe platform.

Chevy Crew Cab

We tried an ‘08 model similar to what I’ve shown here.  I liked the fact that there was no leg-space-stealing center floor console - overall drivers side legroom...

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Harry Truman’s Excellent Adventure

As you might imagine - once you decide to take a significant road trip your interest in movies and books suddenly changes.  For me the short murder mysteries and Alfred Hitchcock type anthologies on my nightstand are giving way to books with a travel theme.  While many of them are purely factual - the top 20 National Parks, How to Full Time in Your RV, etc - MsBoyink also picked up a copy of...

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Vehicle Test Fitting

I dragged the family out today for the first round of vehicle test-fitting.  While we’ve done a fair amount of looking at RV’s we hadn’t looked at tow or toad vehicles.  I had planned to do more today but it was 18 degrees when we left, and the local truck and van lot with the best selection of target vehicles wasn’t open on Saturday (which always surprises me in a retail setting) so we kept...

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