Travels with Charley

In preparing for this trip MsBoyink and I have read a number of books.  Most of these have been of the “how-to” variety—how to finance a year long road trip, how to choose the right RV, how to find places to stay, etc. 

I’ve just finished a book that stands apart from that group however - and that book is John Steinbeck’s Travels with Charley, subtitled In Search of America.

The Wikipedia...

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Our First RV - the Disastermobile

This won’t be our first trip to the RV rodeo.  Several years ago we used an inheritance to buy this 1978 23’ Starcraft Class C.  Our kids were young and we had grand visions of family camping trips to some of Michigan’s great state parks.

The ownership experience, however, was a disaster.
We were young and not very wise in the ways of purchasing RV’s - I’m not even sure we looked at 5...

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What Does Adventure Mean?

At lunch today the topic came up of “what does adventure mean?”  So I asked everyone what would make this trip an adventure for them.  Here are the answers:

For Miranda

  • Interviewing an author
  • Hiking along a beach and picking up huge shells
  • Taking a walk in the forest and seeing a wolf
  • Swimming with dolphins
  • Going horseback riding in Kentucky
  • Trying Coffee


  • Seeing things like...

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eBook: Homeschool Legally While You Travel the USA

eBook: Homeschool Legally While You Travel the USA Worried about homeschooling legally while you travel?

The HSLDA says to "follow the laws of any state you are in for more than 30 days". But what do the states say?

We contacted all 50 states, asked them how to homeschool legally while traveling there, and compiled their responses into this 45 page eBook.

Round 3 of RV Research

For round 3 of our RV research we headed to TerryTown RV in Grand Rapids.  Our intent was to:

  • View a couple of used travel trailers they had in stock
  • Look at some Class C options

We were greeted by yet another helpful and pleasant without being pushy salesperson - that we’ve had 3 good experiences on RV dealer lots is an encouraging sign.

We went through the used trailer that was still...

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Another Round of RV Research

We visited Lakeshore RV in Muskegon today for a couple of reasons:

  • To just tour more RV’s to get a better idea of the options available
  • To bring the kids this time so that they might better imagine life on the road
  • To get some sample prices to give the bank, in order to get input on whether we can afford it

At this point based on what we imagine our requirements to be we are still...

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Getting Serious about the “Pipe Dream”

On and off for the last couple of years MsBoyink and I have talked about the “Pipe Dream”.

What is it?

Hitting the road full time for a year with the kids in an RV.

Writing and reading that sentence just now it strikes me how simple of an idea it is to communicate, but oh how many discussions and decisions it will take to actually happen.  So much so that we’d just kind of stopped talking...

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