A Love Letter

Dear Wifi,

I finally found the words I’ve always wanted to say to you.

For starters, I need you with me. I know you’ve always been an on-again off-again kind of guy, but without you I’m spinning like a beach ball.

I’ll let you decide if we go fast or slow. I’d prefer to go fast, but it’s okay if you’re not comfortable with that.

I want you to know that I’m eternally thankful for helping me with school. Your extensive knowledge of everything really comes in handy. When we’ve lost our connections, I use Books, but he’s just not the same.

I try to stay on good terms with you. But sometimes you’re stubborn and won’t go anywhere with me.

If I ever lose you, dear Wifi, I know that I can always find you again - at the library, or McDonalds, and we get hooked back up again. I’m going to try and always stay connected to you.

Love, Miranda Boyink.

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