Big Dream Gathering

Back last April, when we were still in the process of getting out of our house, we held a Dream Party.  We had a wonderful time talking about dreams with friends and family and as we moved around Michigan for the summer we kept hearing repercussions from the it - several people talked about how they were still moving after their dreams in ways that they weren’t before the party.  Awesome.

Our party was modeled after an event I came across online known as the Big Dream Gathering - found while doing some searches for ‘Family Dreams’. I ended up contacting the man behind the gatherings - Mitch Matthews. Once Mitch heard our story he scheduled a Skype interview for another book & podcast he’s working on around people and what they consider their ‘dream jobs’.  We did that and connected on Twitter & Facebook.

When Mitch announced the latest Big Dream Gathering I quickly checked the location and as luck (or not luck) would have it, the event was only days after our houseboat trip ended and just a few hours away in the same state of Iowa. 

It was a no-brainer, we had to attend the ‘real’ thing that we had copied on a small scale in our dining room.

While we ended up booking back a couple hours to Wisconsin to meet the Jeskes we still had time to make our way back to the Des Moines area to attend the Big Dream Gathering.

It was great to meet Mitch, hear more about his story, and see the Dream Gathering happening on a larger scale.

I saw someone’s dream that this event would happen via a website, and of course being a web developer the same notion occurred to me.

But I don’t think it should be online.

There is something powerful about writing your dream down on paper.

There is something risky and brave about taping it to a wall for others to look at - “socializing your dream” so to speak.

There is something comforting and humbling to look at your dream sheet and see handwritten notes from strangers on it.

There is something rewarding about seeing your kids take the leap and post their dreams for others - and how much bigger they were thinking than you were.

We actually attended the event with a bit of a hidden agenda - wondering if maybe our family dream would be found in being able to help others achieve the dreams they were posting.  That didn’t really happen - once again being mobile in a group of stationary folks makes things like that tough. But we’re still refining what that family dream might look like, reading books about missional living, and looking at other ideas as well. 

We posted our dream as looking for a ‘Family Mission’ and while we appreciated the feedback we got people didn’t quite understand (we understand their misunderstanding - we’re definitely a bit outside the norm!)  The comments were more around ways to do family ‘Mission Trips’ - which we don’t discount the value of but we’re really looking for a lifestyle, not a 1-week event.

I tend to get discouraged when answers and directions don’t materialize immediately, but in this case I keep stopping and remembering what a blessing it is to be in a position where we can even think and search for a ‘re-oriented’ way of living. 

We are (mostly) unencumbered and able to dream!

And the dreaming continues….

Video from the Gathering

A pro vid from the event

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