Blogging Tips for Suburbia-Ditching Families

Blogging your suburbia-ditching ways? Awesome - we love finding, following and promoting other great blogs. Here are a few ways to improve yours.

Tips for Suburbia-Ditching Bloggers

These tips will help you improve your blog, keep your audience happy, and ultimately net you more traffic.

Have an About Us Page

So many of the new blogs we come across lack basic About pages.

Why have an About page?

It’s a place to quickly tell newcomers your basic story.

Tell us:

  • Who you are
  • Why you decided to ditch the suburbs
  • Where you launched from
  • What size family you have
  • What kind of travel you are planning on
  • What you hope to achieve in your new mode of living

It’s also a great place for a good family photo (which we can use to promote your site on Pinterest, etc).

Have Obvious Contact Info

We also come across many blogs without an obvious way to contact you. We’re left to choose an odd post to comment on and hope that you see it.

Why offer a Contact Us option?

  • Another traveling family may see that you are posting from the same region they are and want to meet up.
  • Another website may want to contact you for an interview or feature you on a podcast.
  • You may be inspiring another family to try something similar and they want to chat with you.
  • A long-lost friend or relative may want you to come visit but they don’t have your email address/phone number

Don’t miss out on that next friendship by being too hard to contact.

Don’t Write Click-Bait

Look - we’re bloggers too. We understand the value of a good headline. But we start to wonder if people are writing click-bait blog titles knowingly or because it’s what they see everyone else doing.

What’s a click-bait title? Here are a few made up examples:

  • 12 Things to Do in Nashville with Kids
  • 10 Secrets RVing Families Hope You Never Learn
  • You Won’t Believe What Happened After They Hit the Road in an RV
  • This Is What Happens When You Take Kids On a Boat
  • 8 Must-do Camping Hacks

We’re looking for you telling your story about your family adventure. Click-bait titles all sound the same. Do you want your blog to sound like all the other blogs out there?

Adapt Your Style

People scan more than read on the web. Adapt your writing style to make your post more easily scannable:

  • Use short sentences.
    Tools like Hemingway can help you find too-long or too-complex sentences.
  • Buy a paragraph.
    Break up long-form writing with lots of paragraphs. Giant walls of text are impossible to read.
  • Make Lists.
    Use lots of bulleted lists. Like this one.
  • Use Subheadings.
    Use lots of subheadings so your readers can scan the outline of your content.
  • Use Photos.
    Posts get more views if you have photos. You are traveling - having cool photos should not be a problem.

Create Quality Content

  • Check spelling.
    I know, but we see misspellings more often than you’d think.
  • Edit. Then edit again.
    Brevity rules.
  • Have a proofreader.
    Have at least one other person proof your post.

Take Time to Format

Many blogs could drastically improve from some simple formatting:

  • Don’t center text.
    Your blog isn’t a poem. Centered text is hard to read.
  • Don’t use script fonts.
    No one thinks you are hand-writing your blog and it isn’t a scrapbook. Script fonts are just plain hard to read.
  • Bump that font size up.
    Between high-resolution screens and mobile devices the baseline for font-size is bigger than it used to be. Google’s basic recommendation is 16 pixels (and they’ll ding you for having smaller).

These days getting a reader to your site is hard enough. Don’t turn them away by having content that’s hard to read.

Use It!

It should go without saying, but if you have a blog you need to actually post to it. We do go through and purge inactive blogs from our list.

Our basic rule of thumb is if it’s been over 2-3 months since your last post we’ll pull it from our blog rolls.


Do you have some favorite blogs that you follow? What keeps you coming back to them?

6 Comments Blogging Tips for Suburbia-Ditching Families

  1. Picture of Jenni Jenni November 01, 2015

    I don’t know if anyone else has encountered this, and perhaps is was just a Weebly thing (no good email filters), but when we added the “Contact Us” info we got too many crazy emails.  It was mostly spam, but a few were downright creepy.  I removed it after only a week.

    I would also add, please don’t use white text on a yellow or very light background.  It’s nearly impossible to read.

  2. Picture of Maryanne Maryanne November 02, 2015

    we are empty nesters but as active as ever with kayaks on the roof and e-bikes folded into the cab of the big red truck. Our kids are in Denver, Fort Lauderdale and Portsmouth, NH so we sold our house to wander around this great land, and sea! Living riveted in the Airstream and giving our kids an example we hope, seeing them when in their neighborhoods. Life could not be better.

  3. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink November 02, 2015

    @jenni - good point, that sounds like something weebly should be addressing. Spam through any form that creates email is a common issue with some pretty well-known preventative measures.

  4. Picture of Mimi Mimi November 05, 2015

    I’ve been following you for a bit on Instagram, but finally made it to your website.  We are in Minneapolis are are taking off in the next day or two for our first leg of unknown length - following the Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico.  I’ve been inspired by your posts (and also the reposts of so many doing incredible adventures!)  Its fun to see what you are choosing to stop and see along the way.  Thank you for sharing!

  5. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink November 05, 2015

    Hey Mimi - thanks for the comment!

    We’re still on the River, overnighting in the short KY portion. We’re probably just hitting AR over the next few days.

    Not sure how fast you’re going but if you look to be catching up (which you likely will to find things still open..;) let us know!

    Our daughter was just asking if we were going to see other families again - I think she’s missing her recently-moved-out big brother and looking for some kid time again.

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