Boiling Hot!!!

Boiling hot, boiling hot

I’m on a stove in a pot

They are getting me ready for the time of tea

My mom, my dad, and you and me

The fans do not help at all

And the sun will not heed my call

Of “Cool down, cool down! That’s a little too much!

I’m not accustomed to heat of such.”

Wishing for shade, a little rain

That wet thing of which I used to complain

The brother to the fluid with me in this pot

In which I am boiling, boiling hot!

8 Comments Boiling Hot!!!

  1. Picture of Data Data June 27, 2011

    Storybird writes a lot of poetry (which I am not a big fan of most of it), but I actually LIKED this one. Nice poem. Perfectly describes the past little bit, too.

  2. Picture of Storybird Storybird June 28, 2011

    Yes, Data is correct about the heat. And there have been other poems he has said were pretty good. I’m getting better, aren’t I Data?

  3. Picture of Grandma A Grandma A June 30, 2011

    I really liked the poem [Storybird].  You have always had the gift of writing and Grandma hopes you continue to develop it .  One day I will look in a book store and see a best seller with a lovely picture of the author on the back of the book jacket.  I will smile and say…“this book is written by my beautiful granddaughter” Love you B&P

  4. Picture of Crissa Crissa July 08, 2011

    As much as we liked our time in Chico, I wouldn’t want to stay much longer. You are right, Storybird, it was HOT! Good thing we had the pool for cooling off in.

  5. Picture of Shelby Shelby July 16, 2011

    Nice poem Storybird I didn’t know you could write like that:)

  6. Picture of Storybird Storybird July 17, 2011

    Thanks, Shelby. This is one of my better poems, I will admit, but some of my poems are equally as great.

  7. Picture of Tanya Tanya October 10, 2011

    Dear Storybird,
    I teach English in Russia and today I’m planning to revise weather words.I was looking for a suitable pic to elicit “boiling hot’ phrase when I came across your poem which I loved immediately.If you don’t mind,I’d like to use it for a little filler activity as a lovely piece of authentic poetry.
    Thanks a whale

  8. Picture of Storybird Storybird October 10, 2011


    I’m glad you liked it. Sure, you can use it with your class.


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