Boondocking, Take 2

From Philly we decided to head down to Gettysburg.  We got on the road late and then experienced bad traffic which put us further behind schedule.  We were also running low on groceries so missed lunch.  Needless to say after a couple hours on the road we were not a happy tribe.  We were headed to a state park just outside Hanover, PA - but needed to eat first.  Since our defenses were low we decided to eat out rather than buy groceries first for food. 

It struck us that by the time we had a meal, then bought groceries, then got to the state park, checked in, and setup that all we would do is go straight to bed.  The park was $30 a night, so it seemed a waste to spend that just to sleep. 

We decided to try boondocking again, but this time in a church parking lot rather than the busy Wal-Mart experience we tried first and didn’t like.  I did a search on the GPS for churches, and we chose a close one.  We drove there, the lot was well-lit and just off a busier street (but without truck traffic it seemed).  I’d rather clear this sort of thing with the church first, but the house that looked like it was once the parsonage was dark and empty feeling - and this was at 7:00 at night.  I tried calling the number on the sign but the call just went into the church’s voice mail system.  We decided to just give it a go and see if anyone came to roust us out.

I parked at an angle this time so I’d at least have some view of the truck from the bedroom window.  We were able to run the slide out to get the kids into their bunks. And with a few preparations we turned in for an early night. No one bothered us, and when I got up there was a van leaving from a side door of the church.  The driver waved, so we figured we were ok.

All in all a much better experience - I think we’ll focus on the church approach from here out.

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