Building Our Own Path

23 years on this earth and I found myself having achieved everything parents ever hope for their kids. And. I. Was. Miserable!

I graduated college with a masters degree. Married a nice enough guy. Had a big fancy house. A job that I always thought was a far off dream.

The big secret is that all of that usually comes with other stuff too.  Debt to your eyeballs. Miserable commutes. Small pockets of time to socialize, if others are available too. 

Fights over money, fights over family, fights over the next ‘right steps’, fights over the next purchase to fill the next empty room.  Stuff had taken more priority than people in that phase of my life.  Everything was about ‘stuff’. 

None Of It Felt ‘Right’

Then the levee broke.

In a matter of weeks I lost my job, filed for divorce, put my house on the market, and ruined my credit.

Everything changed in what felt like a moment. It felt awful. I’ve since realized I am SO lucky to have gotten out of that cycle!

For the next 4 years I walked around feeling like a foreigner. I felt distant, like I just couldn’t relate to anyone anymore.  Then one day, I said screw it.  No more pressure to fit this ‘mold’. 

I had a dream to build a small house. After everything, I had no ambition to find more debt. I wanted to DO something, with my hands, I NEEDED to build something.

I wanted to build a boat, but I am terrified of water. The first thought was that I could build a customized ‘land boat’ and travel where I want.

After a quick Google search, I was introduced to the tiny house community. 

A Week Later I Bought a Trailer

It took 18 months to build my home, with my own hands, paid for as I went. It was the best therapy I could have had.

In the process I rebuilt myself.

Ironically, I found my own foundation in building a home that lacked just that!

In the process I was cleansing old relationships and making new ones.  Figures in my life showed themselves as strangers. Strangers reached out and provided strength over this, slowly tangible idea of living minimally.  The idea of living differently suited me well!

Macy's tiny house - see more photos on her website.

Macy's tiny house - see more photos on her website.

Tiny house and growing family.

Tiny house and growing family.

Now a family of four.

Now a family of four.

Trailer demo started - more photos on Macy's website.

Trailer demo started - more photos on Macy's website.

All the way to the skeleton. It went past this to the frame.

All the way to the skeleton. It went past this to the frame.

Rebuilt shell. Insulation and exterior skinning are the last step.

Rebuilt shell. Insulation and exterior skinning are the last step.

New interior coming together.

New interior coming together.

In the Process of Building I Met a Man

He didn’t run.  He actually SHARED my views. 

Long story short, he moved in. We got a dog. We had a kid. Then we had another kid.

All of those things that drove us down this alternative path have only became MORE important once we had little people to raise. 

Living minimally seems simple. Idealistic even. Something that everyone likes to dream about but usually only in the far off future.

Rarely do you find someone who will entertain the idea as ‘realistic’.  Those are ‘my people’ though, and they are out there if you look for them!

By minimizing our homes and living tiny we have been able to scale back our day jobs enough to focus on our kids and start building our own companies. Passion driven projects that allow us enough to be stimulated mentally while also providing income to explore opportunities for our family.

As of this month we’ve officially quit our day jobs.

We’re now debt free. Past the [so hard] baby stage.  We have two very inquisitive kids who we want to share the world with, literally!

We Have an Aching to Roam

Frankly, we have very little idea what we are doing when it comes to full time RVing but we have learned that the good parts in life happen when you get outside of your comfort zone!

Six years after starting the tiny house build we picked up a [much smaller and lighter] 1966 vintage Aloha travel trailer to renovate and call our next home. It’s turned into a full on rebuild which is a great opportunity to make it exactly right for us!

We have very few preconceived notions.

We’re trying to keep plans open so we can adapt to what feels ‘right’ at the time.

Our overall plan is just to visit as many states as we can, as many national parks as we can and have some fun in the process! 

We hope to:

  • See amazing things
  • Teach our kids that it is best to follow their heart, whatever that means
  • NOT get eaten by a bear (or any other animals!)
  • Maintain successful businesses on the road!

To be honest, we’re terrified of this new adventure.

It will be a challenge.  We’re up for it though!

We know that this discomfort is where the fun really begins!

7 Comments Building Our Own Path

  1. Picture of Wendy Anne Darling Wendy Anne Darling March 13, 2017

    A wonderful interview.  You have inspired me since I first got obsessed by tiny houses, Macy, and your story here touches my heart. 

    You are a real, live trailblazer!

  2. Picture of Macy Miller Macy Miller March 13, 2017

    Wendy, you just made my day!!  Thank you!

  3. Picture of Debbie Herndon Debbie Herndon March 13, 2017

    I love the way you and James think outside the box!  I am inspired BSU you to clean closets!!

  4. Picture of Macy Miller Macy Miller March 13, 2017

    LOL Debbie! 

    You’re so BSU happy that ‘by’ auto corrects to BSU!  That right there is a fan! :D

  5. Picture of Kelly Kelly March 13, 2017

    I have such admiration for you Macy! What a brave soul to follow your heart and to be freed from stigma, what an amazing feeling that must be in itself! I hope oneday I will do the same. Thank you for your inspiration. Safe travels!

  6. Picture of Jouli Jouli March 14, 2017

    Hi. Where did you find the land to place your first trailer/rv and now your tiny home? That is the road block in which I am facing.

  7. Picture of Lynn Lynn April 10, 2017

    Macy, ever since I stumbled across your site about 4 years ago, I have been fascinated with how creative and independent you are in using your existing skill sets and in developing new ones.  You guys look so happy and seem to be making living in your THOW with a giant dog, two adults, and two kids work exceptionally well.  I love how you have adapted your THOW as your life changed and have just rolled with the changes in your life.  I am really looking forward to seeing lots of pictures of your RV and hearing about your travels.  Truly you guys are blessed and this is going to be such an opportunity for all of you to make some AWESOME memories.

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