Capsule Kitchen in a Tiny Home - 30 Days to Simplicity: Day 06

Day 6 of my 30 day blog series journaling my experiment with a Capsule Kitchen. The plan? Use 33 ingredients to create all our meals for three months. If you just joined me you can either start at Day 1 or view all Capsule Kitchen posts.

On Day 5 I made my short grocery list and headed to the store. Although grocery shopping has never been my favorite activity, this shopping trip was rather simple. And since simplicity is my goal with the Capsule Kitchen experiment, I was happy.

First Night Following The Capsule Kitchen Plan

I made it easy for myself last night, making a go-to meal: “Bob.”  I make Bob in my crockpot, which works well in our smaller RV kitchen.

Bob was a hit with the family as expected.

The ingredient list for “Bob” matches my Capsule Kitchen list — except for one ingredient. Sausage. For last night’s meal I had a tube of sausage in the refrigerator so I made the recipe as usual.

In creating my Capsule Kitchen list I tried to decide whether to include sausage or bacon. At first I listed “breakfast meat,” keeping it vague. But I’m a little loose in the specific rule area already.

I decided to specify which breakfast meat and I chose bacon.

I’m not sure if “Bob” will be the same with this substitution. If not we’ll just make it a meatless meal and call it “Bo.”

Tonight’s Meal Plan

Today is rainy and cool. I’m going to make some chili in the crockpot for dinner. I have all ingredients on hand including three different kinds of beans (here’s where I just can’t be specific).

I used to make chili following a Campbell’s Soup recipe that used cans of tomato soup for the chili base. Now I use beef flavored ‘Better Than Bouillon’.  I am considering this a flavor booster so I don’t count it as part of my 33.

Did I Make The Right Choice?

I know it may seem silly to select a go-to meal to create my Capsule Kitchen list and then not include one of the ingredients.

But, Bacon.

Did I make the right choice?

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