Capsule Kitchen in a Tiny Home - 30 Days to Simplicity: Day 14

Day 14 of my 30 day blog series journaling my experiment with a Capsule Kitchen. The plan? Use 33 ingredients to create all our meals for three months. If you just joined me you can either start at Day 1 or view all Capsule Kitchen posts.

The comfort meal of meatloaf and mashed sweet potatoes for dinner on Day 13 was just that - a plate full of comfort.

I haven’t made meatloaf forever. I blamed it on not having the proper loaf pan. Last night I put it in an 8x8 cake pan. My recipe calls for whole milk. I substituted with almond milk. If there’s one thing the RV lifestyle has taught me is to be flexible.

2 Weeks In - How’s It Going?

When I began the Capsule Kitchen on Day 1, I wrote:

As I create my list I won’t stress if it turns out to be 28 or 40 items.Crissa Boyink

I lied. ;)

I massaged my list to make it fit 33. I hoped I could make that work. Now at the 2-week mark I’m feeling restricted - a little - by my Capsule Kitchen 33.

My teens wanted to add popcorn (their snack of choice) and apple juice concentrate.

I’m concerned about our lack of a vegetable. Some of the veggies on my list were selected for Mike’s green smoothie. Others add flavor to main dishes. We like sweet potatoes, but I don’t want to serve them for every meal.

I left item #32, fresh seasonal produce from roadside stands and farmer’s markets, open-ended on purpose. But until the produce season gets going fresh vegetables are not available.

Fresh fruits aren’t available yet either. I know strawberry season is just around the corner (I can’t wait!).

Until then all I have on my Capsule Kitchen list are apples and bananas. The grocery store is teasing me with cantaloupes, grapes, kiwis, raspberries. The list goes on and on.

Editing My List

While I was putting together my Capsule Kitchen list I came across a blog, Miranda Writes. Miranda did a trial run with the Capsule Kitchen experiment. She blogged about it when she began and when she ended.

Miranda eased into the experiment with 60 ingredients on her list. She didn’t let the number 33 deter her from making the Capsule Kitchen concept work for her.

If Miranda can have success with 60 ingredients, I should be able to add a few things to my list.

I’ve added:

  1. popcorn
  2. apple juice concentrate
  3. green veggies from the grocery store until the local produce is in season
  4. fruit from the grocery store until the local produce is in season

Are You Trying for 33?

How’s your list doing? Are you hitting 33 or having to expand?

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2 Comments Capsule Kitchen in a Tiny Home - 30 Days to Simplicity: Day 14

  1. Picture of Miranda @ Miranda Writes Blog Miranda @ Miranda Writes Blog June 15, 2015

    Great job! I’m sure it adds an extra layer of difficultly when you’re working in a smaller space. I sounds like you’re getting really creative though! Since I wrote my update post, I have since whittled my list down to 34 but I might bump it up a bit after this last grocery trip. It’s definitely a process finding the right number. You’ll know when it’s the right amount for you… Thanks Crissa!

  2. Picture of Crissa Boyink Crissa Boyink June 15, 2015

    Wow, Miranda,

    That’s a pretty drastic ingredient difference, 60 to 34.

    Thanks for giving me the “freedom” to work with more than 33 ingredients. ;)

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