Capsule Kitchen in a Tiny Home - 30 Days to Simplicity: Day 27

Day 27 of my 30 day blog series journaling my experiment with a Capsule Kitchen. The plan? Use 33 ingredients to create all our meals for three months. If you just joined me you can either start at Day 1 or view all Capsule Kitchen posts.

I have Farmer’s Markets on my brain today. We’ve been waiting since April for the local market to open and the day is finally here! I have been looking forward to this ever since I put Ingredient #32 on my Capsule Kitchen list.

I’m not sure what produce is in season right now, other than the last of the asparagus and strawberries. We’ve tried the local asparagus twice - once on the grill and once in the oven, per Rhonda’s suggestion. I think asparagus must be an acquired taste that we just haven’t quite acquired.

Friends are saying that strawberries are very expensive this year. I’m guessing the excessive rain has affected the crop. Even so, I hope to buy a quart. There’s nothing like the taste of a Michigan strawberry.

Our local farmer’s market is close and we do appreciate it. Some other market experiences come to mind as well.

Hometown Farmer’s Market

Holland, Michigan (our hometown) has a wonderful Farmer’s Market. When we lived in our sticks-n-bricks home I visited the market on an occasional basis.

The first month after selling our house, we stayed at a RV park near Holland. After traveling the country the year before, I knew that a good Farmer’s Market is hard to find.

I made a point of visiting the Holland Farmer’s Market twice a week to load up on fresh produce. I missed that market when we moved on.

Holland Farmer's Market

Holland, Michigan Farmer’s Market

A Favorite Farmer’s Market

During our first year of RVing we stayed a week in Chico, California. Our main reason for going was to visit friends.

We returned to Chico during our second year of travel. This time it wasn’t about the friends - they moved out of state a few months earlier. We returned for the Farmer’s Market.

Okay, not exactly for the Farmer’s Market. We were overnighting in a campground less than 2 hours away that was not all it was advertised to be. When we were considering where to go for the remainder of the week, we decided to return to Chico.

The Farmer’s Market was a nice perk.

Chico, CA Farmer's Market

Chico, CA Farmer's Market

Chico,CA Farmer's Market

Chico,CA Farmer's Market

Chico,CA Farmer's Market

Chico,CA Farmer's Market

Chico,CA Farmer's Market

Chico,CA Farmer's Market

Chico,CA Farmer's Market

Chico,CA Farmer's Market

Roadside Market

As we travel we pass a lot of roadside stands. Most of the time it’s because they either have no advertising signs or enough parking space for our truck and 5th-wheel.

Last fall as we were traveling along some backroads in Georgia, we saw signs for an upcoming roadside stand. When we could see there was a large parking lot, we stopped in. What a great stop. We came away with fresh sweet potatoes, apples, peach cider, and boiled peanuts fresh from the pot.

I wish we could find stops like that more often!

Your Local Farmer’s Market

Have you been to a Farmer’s Market near you recently? What produce did you find?

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