Choosing Joy

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You know that old saw “Time flies when you are having fun”?

That’s true.

But it’s also false.

Time also flies when you are standing still.

We’re convinced that the slower we move, the faster the days go by. And when each day is mostly like the next they quickly blur into one unremarkable stream, punctuated only by drama.

What kind of drama you ask?

We were working as camphosts at a private RV park in Colorado. Along with the occasional paycheck the park supplied us with drama.

  • The sewer backed up by site 16.
  • Site 88 came in late and was unhappy because he didn’t find the check-in materials left out for him.
  • Site 72 was irate that the first few seconds of water from the spigot were rusty, thought the campground should run that before each camper showed up, and said he was going to warn all newcomers of the issue.
  • Site 23’s daughter booked site 45 later in the summer so they went to check it out. They were convinced it wasn’t going to be big enough, and demanded she be given site 37 instead (site 37 being already booked out during that time period).
  • Someone complained to the managers that Miranda closed the ice cream shop before they could get theirs (they didn’t come up until 5 minutes before closing, there was a line, and Miranda was following the rules she had been given).

We wore shirts with the park’s name on them so did represent the park. We felt some ownership in the place (it would be hard not to after putting in as much work as we did to make it look good).

As business owners ourselves (and with years of retail experience in our backgrounds) we are predisposed to be people-pleasers and wanted guests to have a good time.

But we didn’t own the place.

And we weren’t making big bucks.

And we weren’t long-term employees.

And ultimately?

We were not responsible to ensure people enjoyed themselves. That was their choice. Some people had clearly decided they weren’t going to be happy.

And then we paused.

And we flipped that around.

Were we choosing to enjoy ourselves?

In between the work schedule? In spite of the campground drama? While being challenged financially? During heavy allergy times?

Were we choosing joy?

If I’m being honest I have to say no. At least - not as often as we should have.

So my task for this day - and every day -  is to choose joy. I’ll start with being happy to have this blog to write on.

Thanks for taking the time to read my ramblings.

As a writer, that makes me happy.

What are you choosing to be happy about today? Leave a comment below and let us know.


8 Comments Choosing Joy

  1. Picture of Beth Beth February 22, 2017

    I’m choosing joy of having a safe place to boondocks.  Even if it’s in a Casino parking lot. LOL!

  2. Picture of Lou Lou February 22, 2017

    Hey Mike, great post today! This is exactly what we have been trying to be very intentional about this year.

    There are so many circumstances out of our control, but we can choose how we want to react to those circumstances.

    Today, we choose joy or disappointment. Knowing that there are big things on the horizon . . . hoping an RV is one of those big things.

  3. Picture of Sarah Sarah February 22, 2017

    Thank you for that wonderful reminder.  I feel like I should pin those two words up somewhere to remind me that EVERY DAY I have that choice! 
    There is always something to be grateful for and joyful about, even on the darkest of days.

  4. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink February 22, 2017

    Thanks Sara! Love your blog name..;)

  5. Picture of Tina@GottaRunNow Tina@GottaRunNow February 22, 2017

    You made some great points about choosing joy! Since we’re hoping to set out on a 1-2 year RV vacation this summer, I’m especially enjoying all of the space we have in our house - that’s something I know I’ll miss when we take off. But I know I’ll enjoy the great big outdoors even more than my big closet at home!

  6. Picture of David David March 01, 2017

    Great reminder, Michael. It’s too easy for my wife and I to get bogged down (and I do mean “down”) by the daily minutiae, and your timely challenge reminds us to choose daily to rise above that. Thanks!

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