Organizing the Class B: Bathroom

Soap. Shampoo. Conditioner. Lotion. Toothbrush. Nail clippers. Q-Tips. Hair dryer. Allergy meds. Prescription meds. Ibuprofen. Bandaids. Mouthwash. Deoderant. Cottonballs. Nail polish remover. Bug spray. Sunscreen. Towels. Bathroom bags. Shower bag. First aid kit. Toilet paper.

How did we get to a point of needing all this stuff just to be human?

Anyway, we had lots of bathroom storage in our 5th wheel. We could fit all this stuff into:

  • Two shelves under the sink
  • 3 shelves in the linen closet
  • a large medicine cabinet

Small Bathroom is Small

When we down-sized into the Class B, I had to be ruthless when cleaning out those spaces.

Sally’s bathroom is 3 feet long by just shy of 2 feet wide. That’s at the bottom. The van walls curve in as they come up so it’s smaller at the top.

The bathroom has 1 small medicine cabinet for the items that made the cut. For the first several weeks I stored the other bathroom supplies in a hallway cupboard.

You know, where things like food should go.

Class B Bathroom Mods

Luckily, my husband is an organizational guru and a handy man. With a few supplies, Mike had us organized in short order.

No More Wetbath

The bathroom was designed as an all-in-one shower and bath - aka a “wetbath”. You’d sit on the potty, draw a curtain around you, and take a shower.

The first two owners of the Class B never showered in there. We don’t plan to either. It’s just too small. Mike took down the shower curtain and removed the showerhead.

With the shower curtain gone, Mike had room for two command hooks for our towels. The original strap that secured the shower curtain even works to hold the towels from draping into the toilet.

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More Storage

Next we looked for a couple of rectangle baskets to mount to the inside wall. We took my jar of lotion to know how big they had to be.

We purchased two “hang over a cupboard door” type baskets like these. Mike cut the arms off with his Dremel then screwed them into the wall. The baskets worked best in the corners of the bathroom where we wouldn’t bump our heads on them.

These baskets provide storage for items I don’t necessarily use everyday.

Campervan bathroom organization - original medicine cabinet, new basket and toothbrush holder.

Campervan bathroom organization - original medicine cabinet, new basket and toothbrush holder.

Class B bathroom - TP, cleaning supplies.

Class B bathroom - TP, cleaning supplies.

Campervan bathroom organization - basket, toiletry bags, and towels.

Campervan bathroom organization - basket, toiletry bags, and towels.

Toiletry Bags

We needed new personal bathroom bags.

I was using a tiny little bag that only held a few items and Mike’s bag that was too big for the few things he had. Mike measured the remaining available wall and started looking on Amazon.

We found these Travel Kit Organizers on Amazon. They look small, but they hold all of the things I use on a daily basis.

Mike’s holds:

  • Deodorant
  • HairgGel
  • Body soap
  • Shaving supplies (razor, soap, brush)
  • Nail trimmers
  • Tweezers, etc

He likes how the bag stands up when placed on a counter (campground bathrooms rarely have hooks). We both cut the hook out of our bags - it was just in the way.


I pared down the meds we keep in the medicine cabinet. Sally’s small cabinet holds the basic allergy meds and prescriptions, and thats about it.


The final little touch that Mike added is this wall-mounted dual toothbrush holder. We no longer had space in the medicine cabinet for a cup to hold our toothbrushes, and Mike wanted them to be able to get some “air”.

Other Stuff?

So, what about the TP? Or the mega-size shampoo with a pump. Or the RV solution to put into the tanks to mitigate stinky smells? 

Those things are all in there along with a jug of cleaning vinegar. These things are not quite as organized looking as the rest of the bathroom. I really had no other place for them.

The wrapped TP rests alongside the toilet. The other items sit under the sink on the floor and little ledge. They really aren’t in our way because the sink is so low I can’t put my knees under it when, ahem, sitting on the toilet.

Miss a Trick?

So, did we miss a trick to organize our Class B bathroom? Leave us a comment and let us know.

More Class B Organization

Here’s how we organized other areas of the Class B:

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6 Comments Organizing the Class B: Bathroom

  1. Picture of Phil L.Phil L.July 06, 2017

    Way to think through the problems at hand - and make it work in a tight space!

  2. Picture of JuliaJuliaJuly 06, 2017

    Maybe try and mount those soft fabric shoe holder type dealies on each corner side under sink to hold stuff?

  3. Picture of Angela KrauseAngela KrauseJuly 07, 2017

    Saw this in a shower stall. You could use a tension rod from the wall under the sink to the wall behind the toilet to line up some of the bottles of cleaning stuff on that ledge. It would keep them from rolling around when under way.

  4. Picture of Crissa BoyinkCrissa BoyinkJuly 07, 2017

    Thanks Julia and Angela for the suggestions. So far the items seem to stay in place under the sink - but we haven’t really challenged them on a two-track or super bumpy road (Or do Michigan potholes and manhole divets count as bumpy?)

  5. Picture of Michael BoyinkMichael BoyinkJuly 07, 2017

    And that space under the sink? That’s for knees. ;)

    Just MsBoyink’s currently. I haven’t tried to cram mine in there yet.

    Every time she sits in there and closes the door it’s like watching a little magic act…

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