Organizing the Class B: Produce

It’s a simple question. How do you store fruits and vegetables in an RV so small you hardly have a place to set your coffee cup?

Eating Healthy…?

We never eat as healthy as we’d like. We’re always planning to get better. MsBoyink has blogged through a stretch of creating a capsule kitchen in a tiny home, but we made the tiny home even tinier.

Still, we do usually keep an amount of fresh fruit and vegetables on hand including:

  • Bananas
  • Apples
  • Cherry tomatos
  • Garlic
  • Sweet potatos
  • Onions

Big RV = Easy

In our fifth wheel we hung a fruit basket that we purchased on Amazon.

The only spot I could think to hang that in the campervan was in between the front seats. Which would block the view when parked. And be in the way of opening and closing the front curtains.

So we left the fruit basket with the fifth wheel.

Fruit Hammock?

Sally has a spot where we thought we could hang a Fruit Hammock.

We tried to find one locally. We gave up after the 3rd store clerk routed us to the sporting goods section.

The Amazon fruit hammock looked too big for the spot we had in mind, so that was out.

In our fifth wheel we hung a wire fruit basket.

In our fifth wheel we hung a wire fruit basket.

Our solution for storing fruits and veggies in our campervan are these cotton string bags.

Our solution for storing fruits and veggies in our campervan are these cotton string bags.

Mesh Bags

Still looking on Amazon for ideas, I found these Natural Cotton String Bags.

They come in a three pack. I ordered a set. Once they arrived we loaded them up to get a sense for how big they’d get and where they might fit.

There were only two places we could hang them. We have open wall space in the entry way and in the rear living room / bedroom. The entry way we are trying to reserve for our magnet collection, so the rear it was.

I used robe hooks from Lowes and hung two bags. One for fruit and one for veggies.

Veggie Testes

The cotton bags do stretch when loaded.

And..with the two bags mounted side by side…we’ve taken to calling them either “testicle of fruit” or “veggie teste”.


(Blame the lowering of our humor standards on the fact that we no longer have young ears around to protect.)

They’ve been in place for a couple of weeks and appear to be holding up well. I’ve since put a knot in the handles to get them out of the way of my feet when the couch is in bed mode.

Your Solution?

So that’s our solution for storing fruits and veggies in a Class B campervan.

How have you done it? Leave us a comment below.

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6 Comments Organizing the Class B: Produce

  1. Picture of Jenn Barry Jenn Barry June 20, 2017

    Oh my goodness…your nicknames are making me laugh out loud! We have a plastic storage bin that has cut-outs on the sides for air-flow…we keep it in a tiny spot under the sink. My potatoes, onions and garlic like the dark spot. I like your creativity! Those mesh bags would be great for the kids to take to the shower rooms!

  2. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink June 20, 2017

    Hah..thanks Jenn. We’re forced to be creative in this space! Under the sink is already taken..:)

  3. Picture of Marty Leake Marty Leake July 07, 2017

    I have followed your site for a couple of years when your first went off to college, and now you have downsized into a van. Well, congratulations.

    I’m returning to the road after 7-months SWFL. I was out for six months last year and love the fulltime lifestyle as a retiree. My only decision is whether or not I should trade in my 4-Runner for a class-B or class-C. However, I’m considering just leaving with the what I have since most of my time will be traveling between hiking locations in the western US I may just put off the decision until the winter. Lol!

    You two take care and enjoy safe travels. :-)

  4. Picture of Jane Jane October 12, 2017

    I’d be apprehensive about taking on the writing, but as the editor, I’m sure MsBoynick knows how to put an interesting post together.  It will be an adventure! 
    Your testes look very functional. When I tried to follow the links on my phone, I just get Amazon, not those bags.  A search showed many, to take the guesswork out, would you give the exact product name or link?  Thanks!  Enjoy the coming weeks of newness.

  5. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink October 12, 2017

    Hi Jane - the links go through to “EuroSac Natural Cotton String Bag (3, Short Handle) ” for me. Not sure what’s up on your end.

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