An Online Community, an Ipod, a Story

This is a story about our daughter, Miranda (aka Storybird), and her online community (also Storybird - she chose her nickname from it). I’ve copied/pasted (and edited a bit) emails and Facebook posts because I think they capture the story best.

Posted to Storybird on November 30:

I lost my iPod. It is probably in Louisiana somewhere. How am I supposed to write without music? It is nearly impossible. Music made me happy, and so my writing flowed.

Now it feels wrong to write while not listening to the lyrics I have memorized over and over and over again. If you find a pink Shuffle that says “To Storybird, Christmas 2010” on it, please contact me.

My life is not right without it. 

On December 2, enroute to West Houston, Mike received the following email through our Adventure site:

A little bird told us…
that our Storybird member boyinkm’s pink iPod Shuffle has disappeared somewhere on the road. Boyinkm is a valued member of our Storybird community, and we’d hate to see her writing and creativity suffer from lack of musical inspiration. So, if you would be willing and able to provide a mailing address (and a color preference—although we’re leaning toward Storybird blue;)) where it could be received, we’d like to send her a replacement iPod Shuffle so we can ensure she’ll be able to continue to write her stories :).

Best regards,
Christina and the team
Community Manager, Storybird, Inc.

Mike responded with the following email, which lets you know how Miranda responded when I read the email aloud to her.

Hi Christina -

I’m Mike, Miranda’s dad.

Your email came in while we were traveling but stopped on a Texas roadside for potty breaks. I came back into the truck to find Miranda in tears - which is rare for her. Once I read the email I understood - and felt you should know that she has never before cried out of happiness.

One of the challenges in our traveling lifestyle is keeping a sense of community. We do find it in person at times but I know for Miranda her involvement in the Storybird community has been an important constant as we move about.

So again, thank you for seeing and taking an opportunity to reach out to Miranda.

Here’s Miranda’s take on the whole thing, via her Dec 2 Facebook post:

A couple days ago we crossed the border in Texas and set up at a state park. I was getting my stuff out of the truck and realized my iPod was missing. I use my iPod mainly for two different activities. Writing and doing my devotions. That night I was out in the car doing my devotions (I have to sing out loud now, and no one wants to hear THAT) and praying to God very fervently and angrily because I still hadn’t found my iPod. Next day, same thing. I had combed our truck inside and out and pretty much gave up about finding it. I’m guessing it fell out at a gas station or rest stop or something.

I posted about losing my iPod on my social website, Storybird, knowing that I would get lots of condolences and stuff. I was hoping somebody lived in Louisiana and had found it. Far-fetched, but I guess I never noticed how much I rely on my iPod for music I like.

Today we were driving again. It wasn’t a very long day, just two or three hours. We had stopped at the side of the road for a potty break, and my mom was checking my dad’s e-mail. She said, “Oh my gosh!” Harrison and I both said, “What?” And she said, “Nothing.” Most aggravating response ever. But a couple seconds later she read the e-mail out loud to us. Storybird headquarters had read my comment, and were offering to replace my iPod for free, so that I would continue making wonderful stories from musical inspiration. They said I was a valued part of the SB (Storybird) community and family. They told me to cite my preferred color (they thought Storybird blue would be good. My old one was pink, but blue is wonderful!) and send them a mailing address. How amazing and perfect is THAT? Now I just have to get the address of our farm.

BIG shout out to Christina and the rest of the SB creators; ‘THANK YOU!”

‘The Lord works in mysterious ways.’ -Hunchback of Notre Dame.

And, Miranda’s Facebook post on Dec 14:

My new iPod from Storybird came in the mail. They actually got it engraved on the back ‘Write On, Storybird 2013’. It sounds amazing. Thank you so much, Storybird!



2 Comments An Online Community, an Ipod, a Story

  1. Picture of Kimberly Atwood Kimberly Atwood December 23, 2013

    Oh my goodness! Miranda, that is simply amazing. I am so happy for you! What a blessing to have storybird in our lives. I am blown away by this story. It really touched my heart, and I’m so glad that you have your music back.
    Wishing you and your family the best of luck,
    Kimberly (deepfried)

  2. Picture of Jade W. Jade W. July 14, 2016

    This was the best story ever!! What a great company and a wonderful memory for your daughter.

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