Crack (Cocaine)

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Crack cocaine is also called iron, base, rock, and hard, but is commonly called just crack.

Crack comes from the leaf of the coco tree that grows in South America.

There are many different forms of cocaine but crack is most riskiest, due to how pure it is. Some crack is 100% pure. Crack is instantly addictive. Just one dose is enough to become addicted to crack. Studies show that people who use crack are much more likely to get involved in crime to get money to pay for their crack.

Cocaine has been illegal since 1914, but people have been creating crack for a long time. Crack is a hardened form of cocaine wrapped in tinfoil, and then heated to create a vapor. Inhaling the vapor is what makes people high from crack. Even though the high lasts for only about fifteen minutes, crack is still a popular form of drug.

If people drink alcohol while smoking crack, the two substances create a chemical reaction in their bodies that heightens risk of sudden death.

Crack is the second most used drug, right after marijuana.

Coca-Cola used to use a few milligrams of cocaine in their drink, but took it out in the early 1900s. However, they still use a cocaine-free version of the coca leaf for flavoring.

Deaths from cocaine spiked in 2006, but seem to be slowly going down since 2013.

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