Death Valley Guest Post On Crazy Family Adventure

Crazy Family Adventure is a family of 6 plus a dog who sold everything, bought an RV and have been traveling full-time around North America since May 2014

I got to meet Bryanna from this last March (2019). Her family has a great travel blog of their adventuers. So, when she was looking for a guest post about death valley from someone who had been there recently I jumped at the chance. If you read my last post you would have read a brief mention of the black tank issues we had while we were at Death Valley. Well, when we weren't dealing with all that unpleasantness, we were seeing the National Park.

So, head on over to and check out my post over there.

In other news for us, we are still working on the future addition of the Kids Shuttle here on the site. Lydia (our oldest) has interviewed our other kids and written up her first blog post. For the future Kids Shuttle podcast, Tabitha's brother-in-law, Nicholas, recorded raw audio of Lydia and Oliver in some unscripted stories (still needing editing) that Tabitha and I haven't even heard. There's still some work to be done to get it ready to post, but we are hoping to at least get their blog section up soon. - As for the ditchingsuburbia podcast (the one that the Boyinks did), we will be re-starting that up again soon too. The inner workings of hosting and posting podcasts is still something we are learning about so that's going to be our focus for the next week. Content wise, we did get a framwork for our first "season" of podcasts which will go over a lot of the why's and hows of our launching story.

We are just working through the learning curve of running this website, the Facebook group, the Facebook business page, Pinterest and Instagram.

Thanks for reading and we'll see you on the journey!

- Matt

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… on the next Ditching Suburbia blog post: The tale of the Black Tank and the Alternator ... or rather, how I was forced to not ignore two major problems (one of which tried my germaphobic nature to the core).