A Day in the Life of 12 Ex-Suburban Families

You’ve all seen those “day in the life of” articles, where a reporter follows one person or family throughout their day and records it for others to experience. Here’s a similar idea, but instead looking at one day’s worth of blog posts from the blogs in our Resources Section.

We track over 300 suburbia-ditching families living on boats, in RVs, and traveling by suitcase.

So what does a ‘daily slice of life’ contain for a suburbia-ditching family? 12 families pitch in:

Family Visits

Ditching the suburbs doesn’t have to mean leaving family behind. It can mean extended visits with family that you wouldn’t otherwise see. Chugginalong.com posted Connecticut describing their family visit:

David was kind enough to actually measure the curb length out front of their house to make sure we would fit. We did! Barely! And it was our first experience camping on a neighborhood street.ChugginAlong.com

New Babies

Yes, you can continue to have a family once out of the suburbs.  TheTravelBags announce their new son in the blog post entitled We Have a Baby and He Has a Name:

The Lord protected our little one through a 41-week pregnancy and a scare at 24 weeks. He carried mama and baby safely through delivery on August 3, and now we’re all together–all ten of us…and the dog and a kitten.TheTravelBags.com

Formal School Planning

It’s that time of year, and some ex-suburban families are planning the upcoming school season. The NewSchoolNomads just published RVing Full Time with Kids: What homeschool (roadschool) curriculum do you use?:

Any homeschooling parent knows the thrill (or dread) of choosing curriculum. Some of us feel like a kid making a Christmas list, spending hours pouring over the hundreds of choices. Others of us approach the task with terror as if the wrong curriculum will somehow land our precious ones in jail.NewSchoolNomads.com

Informal Learning

But not all learning is formally planned and executed. SV/Apropos.com details some skills they learned in Kingdom of Tonga–Week 3:

Jacintha got to learn about silk screening and help apply a logo to the back of one of her shirts.SVApropos.com

In-Person History & Geography

One of our favorite parts about RV travel is learning about US history where it happened. MoveableGeography.com finds the same in their post Exploring with Lewis and Clark in Nebraska:

We found ourselves passing through Nebraska on our way to Missouri for a visit with friends.  This took us through the Missouri River Basin, site of the Nebraska City Lewis and Clark Interpretive Trails and Vistor Center. The center focuses on the naturalist reports and specimens collected by Lewis and Clark during their explorations.MoveableGeography.com

Hospital Visits

Ah yes, life does happen. What happens when it happens in a foreign country? BeautifulOdyssey.com published Ever Wonder About Foreign Hospital Visits?:

Thanks to Baby Will taking a recent (minor) trauma to the head, we found ourselves getting familiar with the hospital system here in Mexico.BeautifulOdyssey.com


Some families ditch the suburbs indefinitely. Others have trips with set beginnings and endings. Read about the latter in the article from ChoisiAlaskaToMaine.com entitled Leg #24 Maine Cruise (Day 418 – 425):

This is the furthest north we’ll get on the Atlantic side of the States & as far as I go on this Adventure. It’s been an incredible year and one we’ll never forget or stop talking about. A big kuddo to Choisi for getting us safely from one side of the country to the other. It’s been an amazing trip.ChoisAlaskaToMaine.com

Reflection on Travel

It’s good to periodically take stock of how the post-suburban experience affects your family. TheBrooksFamilyBigAdventure documented their thinking in their article About Us Now - Does Long Term Travel Change You?:

People ask, ‘How has this trip changed you?’, ‘After such an adventure, what is different about you all now?’. The answer is lots of things.TheBrooksFamilyBigAdventure.com


Saving the best for last. Once out of the routine of the suburbs families find lots of time for exploration and adventure:


An internet connection turns into an unforgettable experience paragliding. Check out The 2nd Annual Midwest Corn Alps Paragliding Competition:

It was pretty amazing (and slightly terrifying) to be up that high! Soaring up above all the farmlands was fairly surreal and since my pilot, Emmanuel, did all the work, I could just sit back and enjoy. The best way I can describe the view is its like looking out an airplane window on take off, but no airplane.CurrentlyWandering.com


Sometimes you just have to ‘play tourist’ and have fun doing it. This family wrote a post entitled Wisconsin Dells Tourists for the Day:

On what was supposed to be our last day in the Wisconsin Dells (more on that in the next post) we decided we wanted to do something touristy and go into the Dells area for some dining and shopping.AdventuringWhileWereYoung.com


No article about family adventures would be complete without pyramids, and the folks at Bumfuzzle pitch in with their article about the Pyramids of Teotihuacan:

It was beautiful being up there with the morning sun watching the hot-air balloons go drifting by. Even the kids seemed to appreciate how unique it was to be all alone in a place like this.Bumfuzzle.com

Quite a Day!

Beginings, endings, learning, hospitals, family, adventure and exploration - what more could you want?

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  1. Picture of Jen Jen August 14, 2015

    Great post! Love the concept of a “day in the life” compilation!

    It’s fun seeing a snapshot of how different our stories are unfolding, even though we’re all floating together along this same ex-Suburbia path.

  2. Picture of Moonfyre Moonfyre August 30, 2015

    love this list and we are honoured to be included on it. It really is amazing what we get up to in our daily lives now that we are committed to travel and exploring with our family.  I very much enjoyed exploring the other links as well! Thanks!

    mom @ BOVN

  3. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink August 31, 2015

    Glad to hear it - thanks for stopping by!

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