Digitizing Old Photos

Well, so much for thinking that doing some purging would be a no-cost way to start preparing for our trip.

Turns out that lurking a few levels down in the basement stratum are projects laid fallow by procrastination. Or lack of funds.  Or both - as in the case of what to do with all our pre-digital photos.

My daughter was born in 1998 - and at the time digital cameras were pretty expensive and the quality wasn’t great.  I bought what I thought at the time was a great compromise of convenience and quality in a film camera - a Canon APS SLR.  The smaller body made it nice to handle and the APS format was more usable with self-contained film canisters that just drop-loaded into the camera.  The smaller film format was a drawback for some - but with the nicer SLR lenses I managed to get some decent shots (looking back I note that I took many more closeups then than I do now with our point and shoot digital, due to not having to get right in someone’s face physically to get that shot).

4 years later we went digital, so were left with roughly 70 APS rolls of developed negatives that we’ve been storing, every once in a while bumping into them in the basement and talking about doing something to get those all converted to digital for better safekeeping.  I’d also like to see them on our networked digital picture frame.

In the past we didn’t have the finances to get them converted - and even now it’s an expense that I’d rather avoid (around $650 or so).  For a while we thought about buying something to do it ourselves, but when I think about the time it will take to process 1800 exposures I lose interest in that route. 

Tonight we bumped into the photos again and decided to take action so that we wouldn’t have to store these somewhere while on our trip.  So now the negatives are all boxed up and ready to be shipped to DigMyPics.com where they’ll be scanned and processed, and we’ll have the chance to view them online and eliminate up to 35% of the exposures. 

The bill will be tough - but I’ll breath easier having these photos on DVD, on my network, and backed up online.  These are mostly photos of our kids in their young and cute years - it’d be tragic to lose them to a house fire or flooded basement.

3 Comments Digitizing Old Photos

  1. Picture of Gwen Gwen August 03, 2017

    Hi Michael,
    How did you like the service you used for scanning photos?  I have been procrastinating on scanning my photos and would be interested in using a service - but have not been exceptionally happy with a couple I’ve used in the past, as well as the expense. Would appreciate your review on DigMyPics.  Thanks

  2. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink August 03, 2017

    Hey Gwen - it went fine as I recall, but as you can see from the date on this post that was 7 years ago…;)

  3. Picture of Gwen Gwen August 03, 2017

    That’s what’s “great” about the internet - comments and posts live forever!  I hope the info is still pertinent! Thanks.

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