Ditching Suburbia Now Offers RV Classifieds

“See a Need, Fill a Need” - Robots.

We are in the middle of selling one RV and buying another. One frustration we’ve noticed is that the normal places to shop for RVs (eBay, Craigslist, and RVTrader.com) are noisy.

We spend so much time sorting through RVs that aren’t what we want.

Then there is Facebook. Facebook groups are topically-focused so the ads posted in them are as well. The scroll on a busy Facebook group is almost-constant, though, so any For Sale ad quickly disappears.

The search in Facebook isn’t great, so finding that ad back again is hard.

See a Need, Fill a Need

Introducing RV Classifieds on Ditching Suburbia.

Our intent is to accept ads for RVs from families who have lived and traveled in them fulltime. We want to match those rigs to families trying to get on the road and wanting an RV suitable for that.

Posting an ad is free. We retain the right to change this down the road. If the ads get popular and require a bunch of our time we’ll have to find a way to be compensated for that.


In the software and startup world there’s a concept known as Minimum Viable Product. The idea is to build the bare minimum product to launch. Then, if the product takes off and you get feedback you add features.

That’s what we’ve done with the Classifieds. The initial functionality is simple - no categories, no filtering, no sorting.

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I can add all of that but don’t want to invest the time if there isn’t actually a need for these classifieds.

Check ‘Em Out

The new DitchingSuburbia Classifieds can be found here. If you lose the link you can get to them through the Resources section, under RV.

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