Doris Day

Editors Note: We're blogging through We Didn't Start the Fire by Billy Joel.

Doris Day was born in Cincinnati to her German parents on April 3rd of 1924. Her full name was Doris Mary Ann von Kappelhoff. She had two brothers, Richard, who sadly died before Day was born, and Paul, who was a few years older than Day. Day began singing lessons at an early age, and began performing locally at age 15. She worked with a bandleader by the name of Barney Rapp, and he suggested that she change her name to Doris Day, saying that Doris Kappelhoff was too long and cumbersome to say.

Day’s first husband was Al Jordan, who played the trombone. They had a son, and then divorced.

listened to some of Day’s more popular songs - Que Sera, Sera, and Sentimental Journey. I knew these songs by trying to learn the tune on my piano, and it was very interesting to hear how they are supposed to sound. I think she has a very nice voice.

Besides from being a excellent singer and a popular actress, Day was also an animal rights activist. She started two non-profit organizations - The Doris Day Animal League, and the Doris Day Animal Foundation. The DDAF focuses on the protection of animals, while the DDAL has been credited with making people go to counseling if they have been charged with animal abuse. Doris owns a dog named Duffy. Duffy is a cute white maltese. He had behavioral and medical problems, but Day took him in and gave him a loving home.

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