Dumaine Street, French Quarter, New Orleans 1/2

Here’s the first of a few posts of our visit to New Orleans. After a couple days of hunkering down due to nasty wet and cold weather we made our first visit yesterday - mainly intending just to drive to the French Quarter to get the lay of the land. We ended up parking and walking around a bit.

Today we intended on going down as a family again and catching our Thanksgiving lunch out somewhere. MsBoyink’s back wasn’t cooperating though so she stayed behind and the kids and I went in for another visit.

As a photographer the French Quarter can be overwhelming. Just about everything your eye comes to rest on could be a photo. And everyone has a camera. When you are waiting in line behind 3 other people to get the right angle of that shot of that cool thing it’s tough to feel creative. I almost just left the good camera behind out of defeat. 

I had the idea to choose one block of one street totally at random, and just blitz it with the camera to see what I would get. This is Dumaine Street between Decatur and Chartres. If you have been to the Cafe Du Monde for Beignets and coffee it’s close to that spot.

Here are the first batch of images - due to the number of them I had to split them into two posts. This might give you an idea of what photographic overload the French Quarter can be…


2 Comments Dumaine Street, French Quarter, New Orleans 1/2

  1. Picture of Jenni Jenni November 29, 2013

    You could probably do a whole coffee table book on wrought iron, with a side of funny signs. You were smart to get away from the other shutterbugs. For me, having that many others around makes me feel like I’m only getting the exact same shot as everyone else and I get unimaginative in a hurry. Unless it’s some iconic location like Yosemite Valley at sunset with 18 other photographers. Then it feels like a camera club meet-up.

  2. Picture of Boyink Boyink November 29, 2013

    A whole post on funny signs might just be in order. Between just funny, awkwardly-worded or misspelled there would easily be enough fodder…

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