England’s Got a New Queen

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Queen Elizabeth II was born in London, 1926. She was the first child of her parents, the Duke and Duchess, who later became the King and Queen of England.

Queen Elizabeth’s full name was Elizabeth Alexandria Mary Windsor. She was ‘palace-schooled’ until her father took the throne; then she extended her studies.

Queen Elizabeth liked corgis, and always had at least one in the palace.

At age 88, Queen Elizabeth asked her sons to help her with the task of reigning over England, after having 62 years of solo reign.

6 Comments England’s Got a New Queen

  1. Picture of EC EC June 19, 2014

    Did I miss some world-breaking news?  As far as I know, the queen is still alive.  I just checked news websites and the British Royal Family’s website, and they have not announced her death.

  2. Picture of Miranda Miranda June 19, 2014

    I found online that she died on May 20, 2012.

  3. Picture of Eric Eric June 19, 2014

    I think reports of her death are greatly exaggerated.  : )

  4. Picture of Miranda Miranda June 19, 2014

    Eric - Maybe that’s what I found. I will change it.

  5. Picture of Melissa S Melissa S December 03, 2015

    Since the line is “England’s got a new queen” I expected to at least see the year she took over as such. Also, I find it mildly disturbing that nowhere in this series of mini-reports have I seen any bibliography or sources listed. I haven’t read through all of them, so maybe I’m missing it? Otherwise I love the concept - what a fun project!

  6. Picture of Crissa Boyink Crissa Boyink December 03, 2015

    Thanks for reading some of our posts. This particular post was done early on in the project, when we were still trying to figure out how things were going to go. Our main idea in doing the whole project was to get the kids reading about the different people/places/events that they might not have encountered otherwise. The blog post was just bonus. BTW, the date was February 6, 1952. ;)

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