Escape on the Farm!

So today I was out and about, making my rounds with animals, petting a few.

I had just come back out of Dixie’s pen and heard a loud rustling in the bushes. I was up nearby the house, so all the animals and the animal pens were below me. The rustling in the bushes turned out to be Jacob, one of our goats, followed by his son, Max.

They were not supposed to be up by the house. There were gates that prevented them from escaping, but somehow Jacob and Max had gotten past those gates.

I was horrified. I was all alone, and I had no idea what to do.

“Dixie’s harness!” I suddenly exclaimed out loud.

I ran back to Dixie’s pen and grabbed the harness we had not yet found a way to get on her, and ran with it back to where Jacob and Max were nosing around in the grass.

I clipped the harness around Max’s neck and began dragging him down to the gate to get him back in the animal area, hoping Jacob would follow. But Max’s head was small, and he was able to slip out of Dixie’s harness.

I was now very scared.

I didn’t fear Jacob or Max, even though I had seen both use their horns numerous times to butt other animals out of the way. My only thought was to get them back where they belonged before they decided to venture outside the ranch property.

Miranda counsels Max to determine his inner reasons for wanting to escape.

Miranda counsels Max to determine his inner reasons for wanting to escape.

Jacob - the master planner of the great escape.

Jacob - the master planner of the great escape.

Surveying the fencelines for weaknesses.

Surveying the fencelines for weaknesses.

I tried to get the harness around Jacob’s neck. His horns were much bigger, and I knew he couldn’t slip out. I chased him down into the yard before I got it around his head without being gored. He wouldn’t move. I grabbed one of his horns and pulled on it, and he yielded and began placidly strolling down to the gate.

I managed to get Jacob in, and then tried to shoo Max in, who was nearby. As I opened the gate again to push him in, Jacob slipped out.

“You little VERMIN!” I screamed.

Then I calmed down and said to myself, “Think, think. Food, they do anything for food.”

I stumbled over to the food barrel, and immediately Jacob and Max were interested. The donkeys behind the gate also pricked up their ears.

I scooped a little bit of feed out of the barrel, opened the gate, and threw some in. Jacob and Max ran inside the animal area, happy to be able to eat.

I secured the gate, then went back to where I had found them to figure out how they had got in. One of the gates had a gap at the bottom, big enough for a smallish goat to slip through.

I tied it to the fence with a piece of rope, and then watched as Jacob tried to escape again. When he found out that he couldn’t get through, he looked up at me and ‘baaa’ed unhappily.

“Sorry, bud,” I told him triumphantly. “You aren’t getting out again.”

So that’s my farm tale for today. Hope you enjoyed.

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