Experiencing the Whole Experience

Later today, we will be spending time with the Jeske family (remember, this post is being written after the fact). One of the things I already know about the Jeske family is that they look to make each day an Amazing Day!

I took that idea and applied it to last Sunday.

It was the last day of our rental week that had air temps in the 70s. The kids had both slid down the on-board slide, but neither Mike nor I had. So, we donned our swimsuits and took our turns.

Yes, the evening air was a bit cooler than it had been earlier in the day. No, I’m not a big fan of wearing my bathing suit while be photographed. Yes, the Mississippi River water was V-E-R-Y cold.

Did I enjoy the experience? Yes. It was an Amazing Day.

It was COLD!

It was COLD!

Boyink did it too, Storybird missed the photo

Boyink did it too, Storybird missed the photo

MsBoyink slides

Boyink slides

Harrison slides

Storybird slides

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  1. Picture of michelle michelle September 22, 2012

    Yeah for both of you, but ESPECIALLY Crissa!!!!!!!!!!

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