Final Days in Mesa

Our final few days in the Mesa area were busy.

  • Pediatrician visit: Miranda was still complaining about her ears. A month ago we visited this office and Miranda began a 10-day course of antibiotics. Apparently, she needed something a bit stronger. With this visit, Miranda had to accept the fact that she—like the Boyink boys—was suffering from seasonal allergies, which was causing accumulation of fluid in her ears, which was getting infected. Another 10-day course of a different antibiotice and a nasal spray were prescribed.
  • Friend visits: We’ve really enjoyed spending time with local friends, and we didn’t want to move on without hanging out with them one more time. The Poppels were available to meet with us for several hours at the park where we first met two years ago (during our one year trip). It was great talking and playing together, and we all agreed to do quick, non-emotional goodbyes (it was tough). Another evening we stopped in to say “hi/bye” to the Leightons (a traveling family who has decided to permanently move to AZ from OR). We sure do have some great friends to visit if we venture this way again.
  • Orthodontist visit: Both kids had been complaining about their top retainers—Harrison was waking up with a cut lip and Miranda complained of cuts in her gums and cheeks. I asked a friend for an orthodontist recommendation, and was directed to Dr. Wright. The office worked us in to their schedule (and didn’t charge us for the tune-up). Harrison’s retainer only required a bit of tweaking, and he was good to go. Miranda wasn’t so lucky. She hadn’t been wearing that retainer for several weeks prior to this visit due to the pain. The ortho told us the retainer no longer fits and she needs to have a new retainer made. This is not going to be easy for our nomadic lifestyle.
  • Final Eye visit: My cataract surgeries and subsequent checkups were what kept us in the Mesa area several weeks longer than we wanted. This appointment was a crucial one—I needed everything to check out good. Gratefully, it did. My distance vision is 20/20, without correction. My close-up vision needs correction, so for the time being I am using a strong pair of reading glasses. But, I am planning to purchase prescription glasses in the near future (switching from sun glasses to reading glasses while navigating is not much fun!).
  • Hair stylist visit: We’ve been visiting Sara for several months for haircuts (except during our first week in AZ when we all had butcher jobs done by the local Great Clips and Sara had to work magic to “fix” things). This was our final time in her chair before heading into the great-unknown of haircuts. Harrison went with his normal “summer hairstyle.” Mike had suggestions on how he’d like things a bit different from the last cut. Miranda declared she wanted short hair (her hair is now in a cute wavy bob). I decided to go a bit drastic. There is a picture of Meg Ryan from the ‘80s that has haunted me for years. I’ve never been daring enough to try it…until now. If only I had her hairdresser to do my hair everyday. ;)
  • Laundromat visit: May as well get all of the laundry caught up at the laundromat I’ve come accustomed to over the past few weeks.
  • Filibertos visit: Yes it’s a chain, but we really enjoyed their breakfast burritos while in the area. So, one last visit for old-time sake.

It’s been a good run, Mesa. But, it’s time for us to move on.

Storybird and Allison

Storybird and Allison

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