Finding Community as Fulltime RVers

One of the upsides of being camphosts at Usery Mountain Regional Park campground for so long this winter is that we’ve had several opportunities to welcome fellow travelers to the park.

This area of Arizona is heavily-laden with RV parks that only accept people 55 and older, so being in a public park that doesn’t have such restrictions works to our advantage in funneling families and other non-traditional RV’rs to our door step.

We’ve had several campfires and shared meals in our time here and it’s always nice to just sit and talk with like-minded souls.

We highly value these social times.

While they don’t completely fill the gap left by our church & family back home they are important in staving off the feelings of being all alone out here in the big wide world. We also never fail to pick up advice on routes, locations, and RV living.

We’ve Met Up With

  • Jim and Julie aka Imperfect Destiny. We first met these guys in Washington where we stood under the eaves of a closed county-park picnic shelter in the pouring rain trading travel stories.
  • The Hale Family - fellow Hollanders that traveled extensively before we left and have returned to the road.  Terrible bloggers though..;) Our teens had been in some home-school co-op type classes together back home so they were able to easily pick up where they left off.
  • The Henson Family - the Hensons (also “Blog Not Found”) were caravaning with the Hales so this was our first time meeting them. We connected on Facebook after the visit and found we probably had more in common than we thought.
  • The Leighton Family who we also had not met before. Our teen boys got on especially well and we hope to re-connect with them again before our time here is done.
  • Susan and Bob the Poodle. Susan is a fellow Michigander and relatively new to full-time RVing. The night Susan joined us for dinner we served one of our family dishes known as “Bob the Casserole”. Bob didn’t eat Bob.
  • The Perry Family aka The Unpredictable Perrys - who we had not met before. The Perrys were lured in by our photographs of the park and it’s been especially rewarding seeing how our teenagers and their 8 year old twins have struck up a friendship that many outside the homeschooling/travel world would probably not think probable. The Perrys are generous and crafty - we’ve all been blessed by their skills. The Perrys captured some thoughts from our time together on their blog.
  • Nina and Paul Fussing of Wheeling It. Nina is a prolific blogger (a mere mention on her site sent us more traffic than Google!) and a holds a wealth of knowledge about boondocking and drycamping (and yes there is a difference) in the American West. Nina also posted a blog entry about our meeting.

Thanks to all you folks for blessing us with the gift of community, and if any other nomadic types are in the area let us know.

We can even get you in free to the park to visit us - a whopping $6 savings!


If it’s community you seek you can also plan your own neighborhood with like-minded souls. It just takes a bit more advanced thinking.

MsBoyink, Connie Perry, Nina Fussing

MsBoyink, Connie Perry, Nina Fussing

Legos - the great age equalizer

Legos - the great age equalizer

So many choices

So many choices

Company, food and a campfire - what more can you want

Company, food and a campfire - what more can you want

Trying a brunch instead

Trying a brunch instead

They were hugging a minute ago

They were hugging a minute ago

The Perrys on one of their trips out

The Perrys on one of their trips out

10 Comments Finding Community as Fulltime RVers

  1. Picture of nomadicjesters nomadicjesters February 11, 2013

    Hoping to get there before you leave and add to your list of “meet-ups”!  Great that you shared links of others… inspiring… I think we shall do the same in the future!  ~ Blessings to you and yours…

  2. Picture of Boyink Boyink February 11, 2013

    We actually just booked another two weeks here in Mid-March.  MsBoyink needs eye surgery and this was the only park close enough with openings. After that we’ll be exploring again.

  3. Picture of Tim Tim February 11, 2013

    Our nomadic travels will bring us to Usery on the 8th for 3 nights.

    We have followed your blog for a while now, from way back when we were in the planning and dreaming phase.

  4. Picture of Boyink Boyink February 12, 2013

    Hey Tim -

    Thanks for the comment. We’ve been subscribed to your blog RSS feed for a while as well.

    We’re headed to SoCal the first part of March for some business. MsBoyink needs eye surgery however and we have that scheduled back here in Mesa. The only place we could find a site for a couple weeks solid was back here at Usery so we’re due back in the park in the 11th - which looks like your day out?

    Maybe we can connect during the transition time…

  5. Picture of Jeff D Jeff D February 12, 2013

    I have to say you and your family have inspired us so much that we are now in the research/planning stage and hope to be on the road in the fall, woohoo! Four kids makes it more interesting to find the right 5th and truck combo, but they are out there. I hope we can meet up one day! Thanks!

  6. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink February 12, 2013

    Awesome Jeff!

    There is another full-time family camp-hosting at this park that has 4 kids, aged 15 - 9. They make do with a Dodge crewcab and bumper-pull bunkhouse Jayco. It’s an ever-tighter fit as the kids grow bigger but they make it work.

    Or you can go with a long-bed truck and add a “sleeper cab” for additional seating:

    Lots of choices - I well remember the research and planning stage and felt I could have been an RV salesperson by the time we bought something.

  7. Picture of Jeff D Jeff D February 12, 2013

    Thanks! I SO APPRECIATED your research and posts. We thought we might want to keep our 23ft hybrid, but the reality is that it just won’t work for full-timers. So it is time to upgrade. I am making a list of families and blogs to keep in touch and hopefully learn a lot from. We decided to stop waiting and just take the next step.  The Lord seems to be keeping those and other doors open. So looking forward to it!

  8. Picture of Tim Tim February 12, 2013

    Eye surgery does not sound fun. Best of luck to her.

    Yeah, moving out on the 11th. Look for us at the dump station, or I’m sure our paths with cross at some point. We are staying out west all summer.

  9. Picture of Michael Boyink Michael Boyink February 12, 2013

    Yea - cataracts on both eyes. Can’t have my navigator be blind!  This area is a good one to get the work done at least.

    We’ll keep an eye on your blog - we should be around this area a bit yet after her work is done but its looking like a summer back in Michigan for us.

  10. Picture of Jeff D Jeff D February 13, 2013

    Yes, I have been checking your new site often! (Great job on using EE for these sites. Not sure if I want to do EE or WP for ours)

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