Five Years of Fulltime Travel!

They say history repeats itself. Today we’d agree with that.

Five Years Ago

Five years ago this week we hitched up a 30’ fifth wheel and pulled out of our Holland, MI driveway in search of a family adventure. We were exhausted from prep work, emotional from goodbyes, and excited for what lay in store.


Today, we pull out of Holland, MI in search of a continued family adventure. We are exhausted from prep work, emotional from goodbyes, and excited for what lay in store.

The details are different. We weren’t busy getting out of a sticks and bricks home this time but rather cleaning up and rebranding our trailer.


We aren’t emotional from saying goodbye to neighbors and local friends, but rather from saying goodbye to our own son Harrison. He’s 18, he found a local fulltime job, a room to rent, and is off to see what his own solo life adventure is going to be.

We’ve worked hard to create a closer family over the last five years, and are realizing we are now proving simple physics - it’s harder to pull apart things that are tightly bound.


And while we have experienced so much already in this life on the road we are purposing to experience more. We plan to follow the Mississippi River from top to bottom. We hope to live at an animal rescue facility for several weeks, trading volunteer hours for our RV spot. We are also planning to find another farm/ranch stay out west.

Pardon Our Brevity

We’ll have more to say on the process of launching a new adult from a moving vehicle (and trying to minimize the road rash) - but we’re still working through it ourselves.

Some Videos from 5 Years Ago

In the meantime - here are a couple of videos from 5 years ago - both from the night before we left and our actual launch.


Last post from my office basement the night before leaving.

Leaving our house in Holland, MI

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  1. Picture of Don Don October 01, 2015

    Congratulations on 5 years of full-time travel! Thank you for sharing your adventures. It’s definitely giving me ideas! :-)

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