Fulltime Travel is like Starring in Quantum Leap

Oh boy.

Were you a fan of the TV show Quantum Leap - where the main character ends up “leaping” into a different person’s body somewhere in a different time period each week?

Or maybe you were into the darker series The Pretender, where the lead character would knowingly assume a new identity, taking on different jobs to help a stranger?

A post-suburban life of fulltime travel can feel like that.

One day residents of a small Michigan farm town.

A few weeks later drinking a beer in New Orleans.

And a week later yet waking up on a Texas hillcountry farm, with a daughter bursting in the door beaming “There are new BABY SHEEP!”

Exciting, yes.

But also dramatic.

We are just two days into a new work-camping/farm stay experience - this time at an animal rescue ranch in the Hill Country of Texas. You’ll be hearing more about it over the next few weeks.

Here are three lessons we’ve learned by starring in our own Quantum Leap:

Expect the Unexpected

No matter how many questions you ask up front there is always something unexpected when you get there. Embrace the unknown and consider it part of the adventure.

Without some unexpected surprises the show’s going to be pretty boring.

Have Patience

Not all of the details are going to be worked out in the first day or two. Our first night we didn’t have power and here on day two we don’t yet have a sewer solution. Being self-contained the RV gives us a buffer of a few days to figure it all out.

If it was easy from the beginning no one would stick around past the first commercial break.

Have Trust

Most suburbia-ditchers are independent and self-dependent. That’s OK, but sometimes it’s good to depend on others. I got stuck getting our RV into this spot and needed to be pulled out with the host’s tractor.

I’m expecting to need help again when we go to leave. It’s a learning lesson for me - being humble and accepting help.

The star of the show always needs help from someone each week.

If You Could Be a TV Show…

What TV show would you be?

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