‘Goodnight Campsite’ Book Review

‘Goodnight Campsite’ by Loretta Sponsler is a short book with rhyming phrases written for younger children.

In the camping world, we personally have met many different people in different walks of life, enjoying different activities that allow them to stay mobile. In ‘Goodnight Campsite’, you get a quick look at many of the same kinds of people that we have met, and even some we haven’t yet.

Like the backpackers on page fourteen, I remember when one of my dad’s friends/coworkers was walking the Pacific Crest Trail from top to bottom. We let him stay with us to rest for a few days.

Olga Shevchenko illustrates the book with vibrant colors and beautiful pictures. She even included a squirrel in nearly every illustration that children can look for throughout the book. Adults might need to help them - even I had trouble finding him in some of the pictures!

‘Goodnight Campsite’ would be a good book for families with younger children who are seriously thinking about traveling full-time, are about to travel full-time, or have just started traveling full-time. It is also a fun book for families who just like to camp!

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